Eciton - Oppressed review


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Band: Eciton
Album: Oppressed
Release date: 2005

01. Butchering The Helpless
02. Cynical Exploitation Of Mankind
03. Waiting With Regret
04. The Excitement
05. Fuck Your World
06. Slaughter Of The Innocent
07. Someone Suffers
08. In Good Faith
09. Sanguinity Dreams

Eciton is the winner of a Danish Death Metal contest but they are above all the last signature of the French label Adipocere Records. When you read these few words you can imagine that we have something really amazing and original, but unfortunately that's not really the case. "Oppressed" is not a bad album but it lacks of originality unfortunately.

Yes "Oppressed" lacks of originality, that's the big problem of the album in addition of a really average production. The band plays a good old Brutal Death, that's not bad, especially in reason of the good musical level of the musicians but when I listen to this album it doesn't catch my ears. The problem is that we have a lot of this kind of music nowadays and if you cannot produce something a bit original and unconventional that's always a bit hard to catch a lot of fans. Let's hope that they will work on this point for the future.

The production is also really average. Just imagine, some really powerful drums with a lot of really brutal and heavy riffs and a strong Death voice and you have the music of the album, then understand that it is better to have a really good recording. That's not the case of this one and sometime it's a bit hard to listen to all the sounds in the music, that's too near of the saturation… Too bad because I'm sure that the album could be really better without this bad point…

This first album of Eciton is a bit average. I'm sure that the fans of the music will like it however because that's not so bad but let's hope that the band will do something a bit more original in the future and let's hope that they will have some better means of production too. If they have this luck, it will pay I'm sure. Nothing new for the fans of the style but I recommend to keep an eye on this band that will maybe confirm my feeling that say that this album is just a "first album" (you see what I mean...).

Written by Jeff | 30.05.2005


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