Beecher - Breaking The Fourth Wall review


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Band: Beecher
Album: Breaking The Fourth Wall
Release date: July 2003

01. Let Them Drown
02. Dead For Weeks
03. Burning Surface
04. Arrow Flies
05. Mercury Switch
06. Floating Point
07. The Only One I Know
08. Red Diesel
09. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
10. An Important Letter
11. Ladder Theory
12. Crack Fiend
13. Let Them Drown
14. An Important Letter
15. Arrow Flies
16. Red Diesel
17. Dead For Weeks

I've read some reviews for this album, I actually thought it was going to be a hard piece, the kind you want to break in half, throw away and never listen to it again…well the album is actually not bad, it's just Hard-Metalcore with Emo overtones nothing more nothing less, at least these guys know and accept their capabilities and don't go around saying "Hey we're the most brutal band ever to touch an instrument, so beware", in fact I liked most parts of this CD; this is in fact a band with a lot of things to highlight when it comes to their music.

And even more, there are actually a couple of tracks that can easily blow minds instantly, for example "Floating Point" (which is actually more like an overture or an intermezzo) is a mix of really interesting drumming and a lot of Noisecore resemblances, that doesn't say much does it? Well you'll have to hear that song to actually know and understand the power and strength of that type of songs. As for the rest of the album, it follows a really simple formula which consists in really catchy riffs, violent execution (Hardcore style), constant (yet solid) structures and dual vocals, the really good thing comes with the passages added between tracks, those hidden stones really insert grandeur to the overall music believe me.

There are enough good songs in this album to say it's respectable and even good; I can't say this is suitable for all audiences, in fact I can see people bashing this band for weak relentless reasons, the truth is Beecher is a different band with a great release to offer, in fact to be their first album released (was originally released in 2003) it's more solid than many albums on the loose by many of those pseudo-core bands opening for Ozzfest year after year.

So it's Metalcore as I already said; if you are affectionate to this genre then great! Here you'll find one of the most enjoyable pieces of the genre; in the other hand, if you dislike Core elements then, chances are you won't be open minded and then you'll bash this album for no particular cause.

Written by Herzebeth | 12.02.2006


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