Papercut Homicide - From Filth Comes Grace review

Band: Papercut Homicide
Album: From Filth Comes Grace
Release date: January 2003

01. Waters Edge
02. Rasputin
03. Hellfire Choir
04. The Road is Ruin
05. Boss Hog
06. A Will To Arson
07. Taken To New Lows
08. It's In My Hands
09. Sign Of The Helper
10. Mother Mary And Your Sidearm
11. The Order
12. Trojan Whore
13. Muted Savior
14. The Thread
15. Transient And Undesirable
16. Vanilla And Warm Rain

Have you ever heard Grindcore with Alternative elements? Yes? Damn, then I am a sucker; anyway if you haven't you really should check out this amazing band called Papercut Homicide. This band mentioned manages to mix a lot of alternative elements with one of the most aggressive genres in metal, Grindcore, and the best part is…the final product actually sounds very good and exciting.

The album starts straight with Grindcore, "Water's Edge" the usual elements are here, ultra fast Drum beats, jammed guitar riffs and aggressive vocals (hardcore vocal style by the way), is not until the third song we can actually hear those Alternative elements I've been talking about, "Hellfire Choir" a very unusual tune let me say, it starts in a very aggressive way, but after the sixteenth second you can feel the melodious parts, then (0:39) what is happening? "…Oh damn, CLEAN VOCALS?¡?¡" then after some seconds the vibe sounds a lot like Sludge Metal, so now we have another genre added, this particular track is amazing, mixing a lot of styles and making them sound incredibly well.

From now on everything is possible, the album can get way to noisy in some tunes, then it gets sludgy, then it gets jazzy and so on. There is one special track I personally hate (due to the jammed genres) "Mother Mary And Your Sidearm" this track is good from time to time, it features jazzy passages and the aggressive instance is amazing, it resembles a little to Cephalic Carnage in those good moments, but this, being the longest tune in "From Filth Comes Grace", gets annoying in the middle, after all the good music everything sounds fuzzy and even sometimes it sounds a little like Nu-Metal, believe me that's a turn-off.

What I like about this CD is that it is not plain under any circumstance, even the lyrics are nicely intended to rhyme and the music has layered melodies, the production is incredible, even when the music is noisy all the instruments sound clear, the artwork is just way to subliminal for my taste, I still can't understand what a fat guy, a mosquito, a masked guy and a crying baby have in common, but well it's just the cover so no harm done.

The album proves that some hybrids are well done and it also proves that creating music mixing Grindcore with Alternative, Sludge, Hardcore, Noise, Crust, and sometimes Nu, can be done in a very artistic and fascinating way.

Recommended if you like: Cephalic Carnage, Acid Bath, Red Sky.

Written by Herzebeth | 30.06.2005


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