Mozart On Crack - Hate Priest review

Band: Mozart On Crack
Album: Hate Priest
Release date: 2005

01. Intro
02. Lose Control
03. Hate Priest
04. Run
05. Chase The Dragon
06. Fire Inside

Classical composers quit rehab

I always suspected strong drug abuse among classical composers, you know, Beethoven on uppers, Vivaldi on Ketamine, Schubert with poppers, but I never imagined to see Mozart On Crack! And Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never suspected that 214 years from his departure, an Australian dude would take as moniker his name, combined with drugs… talking about revivals.

This one man project is the brainchild of err.. one man. Peter Isaac is the responsible for all instruments and is the sole composer of the 5 songs of "Hate priest EP". Musically this is very weird, strong industrial and electronic influences and some Thrash as well, mainly in the riffs.

The album main influence is Ministry of course, you can see that clearly on "Fire Inside" song that combines the tight riffing of Ministry with a cool bonus, great guitar soloing, along with the raspy vocals the song becomes really enjoyable.

But let's go back and check out how the album begins, as many albums lately, this one begins with an intro, cleverly named "Intro", this one lasts 6 minutes and has a lot of orchestration and keyboards, more like a musical score rather than a song, this guy also writes music for TV so I guess he just translated that in the Intro.

Have I mentioned that I love samples in the music?, talked samples, movie dialogs etc. In this song we have a "pro-war" speech of Mr. Bush, he's talking about the enemy and the American government will not allow this or that blah blah. Mostly bullshit like everything that comes out of the mouth of the American president, but it gives a strong political weight to the song and makes it really interesting.

"Run" and "Hate Priest" are another couple of interesting songs, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the production, is cold but very well achieved, this music really sound good. "Chase The Dragon" has some amazing guitar solos that go very well with this instrumental song.

Nice surprise from Australia, not a reason why Mozart should feel ashamed of the use of his name, since is been used quite well. Maybe I was expecting something a lot more weird (since the name) but hey, this is quite good also, lovers of Industrial music might wanna pick this one up.

Written by Undercraft | 16.08.2005



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24.07.2011 - 01:47
Cuca Beludo
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Odd... I don't know, but I always randonly select some weird bands in this site...
Oh. Good review, man. I don't know if you are still here, guess I am too late... But this review can tell almost accurately what this oddity is

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