Gloria Morti - Lifestream Corrosion review


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Band: Gloria Morti
Album: Lifestream Corrosion
Release date: September 2004

01. Xanadu
02. Ephemeral Lifespan
03. The Ennightenment
04. The Suffering Of The Lambs
05. Pulchritude Of Rotting
06. In Their Dreaded Howling
07. The Orphanage
08. Abattoir
09. Cliffs Of Geburah
10. Xanadu [Eikind remix] [limited edition bonus]

A Metal band from Finland, that's a shocker!

Finland has approximately 6 millions habitants, which is not that much from a South American perspective. Even though Finland doesn't count with that many people, spawns more Metal bands than any country down here. Wherever you look are bands from all the Metal genres coming from Finland, since I don't know Finland I guess is common to have like a neighbour or a school mate on a Metal band right?

That bring us to our next review. Yup, a band from Finland, they tag themselves as Melodic Extreme Metal, term that is not far from the truth. Gloria Morti plays a mixture of Black, Death and Thrash Metal with a melodic twist that is.

3 things that make Gloria Morti a good band? The vocals, the keyboards and the guitars.
They have 2 kinds of vocals, low grunted (similar to Cannibal Corpse) and high pitched Black Metal shrieks, both styles intertwine as the music from the different styles does.
Keyboards are always in the back adding atmosphere to the songs, they rarely take the lead, but they're up front in the mix so you won't miss them.
Riffing, this band excels in creating great riffs whether they're Black, Death or Thrash.

The album opens with a killer track, "Xanadu" can sum up with precise accuracy what's the deal with this band, catchy Thrash Metal riffs with grunted vocals and blast beats outbursts leaded by hellish shrieks, in the back you can hear the subtle but powerful keyboards adding textures to the music.

Ok, you got the picture right? The only downpoint is that not every song is as catchy as the after mentioned. That doesn't means the album is bad though, it means it has some fillers. "Ephemeral Lifespan" and "In Their Dreaded Howling" are awesome tracks also.

In a nutshell this is a album worth getting your hands into, if you like what I told you here of course. Chances are that people that like Extreme forms of Metal are going to like this, so give it a try!

Written by Undercraft | 29.09.2005



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Der Meister
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Awesome album! Very catchy shit!

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