Grabnebelfürsten - Dynastie Oder Wie Man Herrschaft Definert review


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Band: Grabnebelfürsten
Album: Dynastie Oder Wie Man Herrschaft Definert
Release date: 2003

01. Abstrakte Wunden Verbaler Schwerter
02. Schicksalsbrüder
03. Dynastie
04. Briefe An Die Toten
05. Der Letzte König Und Sein Architekt
06. Irgendwie/Irgendwo/Irgendwann

This time let's talk about Raw/Extreme Black Metal, Grabnebelfürsten is one of those bands that remained playing Black Metal the way it should be played and never fused other kind of genres in their music. "Dynastie…" is a really interesting album, 60 minutes of pure Black Metal wrapped in aggression and grimness.

This album is actually more than decent, it has the perfect atmosphere in a Black Metal album, and it's actually frightening most of the times. The structure of the music is awesome, "Grabnebelfürsten" members are capable to add breakdowns in their music filled with ambience and darkness, then all of the sudden the crushing tune starts again and blasts your speakers. The songwriting is also very good, the songs reach 10 minutes or so, but they never become boring or tedious, on the contrary, the longer the better truly, they add more layers and facets when the song is long, so that's a really good feature actually.

Even though this Black Metal band is really raw to the bone, the music is still catchy and never stops changing; so this could be really raw but multi-faceted at the same time. The vocal work adds a great feeling towards the music, the band has three types of vocals, harsh shrieks then sharp growls and clean vocals at times, so the balance in the album is amazing for this matter, in most tracks the vocals blend perfectly well so this part of the album is really incredible.

Musically speaking this album has a lot to offer, as I already said, this is raw but catchy…many times the music will go in straight line due to the roughness but there are some parts when the drummer kicks in and blasts the line with an irregular beat or a breakdown, so I am sure nobody will get bored while hearing this album. This is actually a great release by a great band, if you are into Black Metal don't hesitate when you see this album on sale…buy it instantly, believe me you won't regret.

Written by Herzebeth | 02.11.2005


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