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Zymosis - Disharmonical Symphony Of Black Dimensions review

Band: Zymosis
Album: Disharmonical Symphony Of Black Dimensions
Release date: 2004

01. Intro
02. Spirits Of The Night
03. Imperium Of Death
04. Silence
05. Black Angel

When I got this demo I really didn't know what to expect, but the corpse-paint of the band-mates prepared me negatively in a way because, you know, you can't have corpse-paint and have a positive look on your face as if you were staring at horizons of a better tomorrow. Corpse-paint has to be either grim and misanthropic or artistic and well-expressed and the corpse-paint of Zymosis, definitely, didn't fit any category of those.

Enough said about the corpse-paint, let's move to the musical section, should we? Oh well, I guess when someone reads somewhere the word "majestic", when it comes to black metal, bands like Emperor, Gehenna of the first period, Dimmu Borgir of the mid-period, Cradle Of Filth (generally speaking) etc come to mind. As you may have guessed Zymosis don't offer something new to this specific scene, the question that comes forth then is this: "Does it matter?" Well, if you ask me the answer would be no, simply because, despite not being the most original band around they know how to play majestic black metal really well.

The atmosphere that Zymosis evoke is really beautifully dark, with a gentle, elegant touch, with the keyboards playing a very important role, bringing forth soundscapes of nocturnal melancholy at times, whilst at others melodies of devoutly nightmarish or more epic oriented visions arise. The guitar riffing is really good and some small solos that make their appearance at times are inspired and they pace with the song and from what we can hear of the rhythm section it seems to be doing its work well. Well, the vocals are really good for the genre, but nothing original if you ask me, there are times when the singer resembles a lot to Shagrath, when it comes to deeper vocals, or Ihsahn, when it comes to more howling ones (and Dani lies in the corner here and there); in any way he sounds really good and adds the ideal feeling to Zymosis' music (a good surprise were the Garm-oriented clean vocal passages of "Imperium Of Death"!).

The production is good, in general terms, and there's a good balance between the keyboards and the vocals, and the guitars as well if I may say, despite not having the most appropriate sound, but there where's a big problem is with the rhythm section, there are times that it's being buried under the vocals-keyboards-guitars factor and you can't listen to it. But the compositions are well-built and inspired.

Concluding, Zymosis are not the most original band around and Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna etc dwell in their compositions in noticeable ways, but what they're doing they do it really well. I think an 7.7 is a good mark for a not so original demo with good compositions ("Silence" is a hymn!), when the only problem is in a way the production.


Written on 25.11.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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