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Paganizer - Death Forever - The Pest Of Paganizer review

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Band: Paganizer
Album: Death Forever - The Pest Of Paganizer
Release date: 2004

01. Landscapes Made Of Human Skin
02. Bleed Unto Me
03. Only Ashes Remain
04. Even In Hell
05. Meateater
06. Promoting Total Death
07. Beyond Redemption
08. Mourning Life
09. Brutal Way To Die
10. Flesh Supremacy
11. Dead Souls
12. Lobotomized
13. All Hope Is Dead
14. Buried Alive
15. Skinned
16. Ny Ripper

This name is in fact familiar to many people right? "Paganizer", at least in the Death Metal genre this band is really popular and strong; so, they released a "Best of" compilation this year, for the fans and for the people who do not know them at all actually, a solid album with many "classic" tunes, yes I know many of the fans will miss tracks like "Branded By Evil" Or "Deadbanger" but still, this release gathers many great "Paganizer" tracks, let's take a closer look to his compilation.

This release has more tracks from "Dead Unburied" than anything, fortunately that one is their best album to date, so you'll be hearing many good and powerful songs actually; the album arranged the songs in a random "history line", this is not like those usual "Best Of" releases with "straight line" tracks, this compilation randomly organizes the years of the songs, and I think that's a weird idea (not good nor bad), this just makes a little difficult to appreciate the musical progression of the band and all, but it's an original idea though.

The really interesting part comes in the last tracks, 3 "previously unreleased" tracks showing a whole new face of "Paganizer", those tracks are rawer and actually lean towards Black Metal a little bit (the riffing and the structure in "Buried Alive" is so Black Metal). "Skinned" has nice structures, the guitar riffs and drum-beats are fucking catchy (sometimes even Thrashy) and the vocal work is actually more than decent (it differs from the other tracks a lot though). Too bad the production from those tunes is so awful (The Hi-Hat even sounds like a Tambourine), the audio is really drowned and muddy, but that actually adds even more Black Metal atmosphere.

This release will amaze the fans, but if this is your first time with "Paganizer" I highly recommend you to try their third Full Length called "Dead Unburied", that album is also very good and has a great production. So if you are a huge fan buy this album right now.

Written by Herzebeth | 26.11.2005


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