Reverence - Industrial Mental Concept review


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Band: Reverence
Album: Industrial Mental Concept
Release date: September 2005

01. Decreation
02. Experimental Suicid Order
03. Sect Of Thematic Orchestra
04. Great White Gravity
05. Spectre Of Negativity
06. Industrial Mental Concept
07. Complexity Of Archaic Demence

I've given some spins to this CD since it arrived to my place a couple of weeks ago, each spin means finding a new good feature you know? At first the album sounds a little plain due to the drumming (this particular instrument sounds a little dead and flat), but after some listens the record actually shines more and more, and reading the lyrical content helps a lot too actually, the meaning of the song changes outrageously once you read the lyrics believe me, the words stamped on the grim and really dark artwork are astounding.

Now to the music, Reverence is a Black metal duo playing depressive and really cold musical figures in the vein of old school Black Metal, yes that's actually weird, the raw bits are really fucking raw as red meat, but the melodious interludes are beautiful and polished. So this is not a Hybrid at all, this is a great mixture between Old School and Melodic Black Metal.

The best components in Industrial Mental Concept are the environments, those sequences and intermezzos are unique, this guy (I Luciferia, the brain in Reverence ) creates for the audience a really intense atmosphere, there are even some breakdowns with shivering sound effects (just check Great White Gravity 3:54). So this CD has really interesting things laying around, the tricky part is understanding and finding them; as the best segments are atmospheres and ambiances the first time won't do much, but after some spins you'll start finding new stuff and you'll say "Was that riff there before?".

This album is suitable for almost every Metal fan, even though some parts sound plain (as I said at the beginning) the album as a whole is a good acquisition and it's actually a good addition to any Metal collection.

Final Verdict: Great surroundings with great lyrics, Interesting piece that's for sure.

Written by Herzebeth | 10.12.2005



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13.09.2009 - 02:51
I agree wholeheartedly with this review.
Great amounts of textures and layers in ambience and riffage. I Luciferia is definitely a musician to look out for in the near future.

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