Nailed Coil - This Is My War review

Band: Nailed Coil
Album: This Is My War
Release date: October 2005

01. This Is My War
02. My Disease
03. The Shine

This is the second time that I have the luck to write the review of a demo of Nailed Coil, a young band that comes from Finland. The band still use to plays a mix of Gothenburg Death and Hardcore that I can maybe call Metalcore. This is not really original but actually this is probably not a point that the band wants to reach, no they're just here to do something efficient and one more time, they did it with this demo.

I won't talk a lot about this release for the only reason that we only have three songs on this Demo but the three songs are all promising. It's clear that the level of the band is still improving; I have a good proof with these three tracks. Oki it's maybe not really innovative but all the songs are catchy as hell and their powerful riffs don't suffer of any comparisons with the ones of the masters of the genre. But that's not all, Nailed Coil doesn't play a basic music and you'll be able to find some good guitars solos too. No really there is a lot of work on this Demo.

This is just a demo of three songs yes, but the production is more than professional and I don't see why it couldn't work for Nailed Coil. If they still improve their music like they're actually doing it right now, I'm ready to bet some beers that we will see them on a good label soon. At least believe me, this Demo is even better than the precedent one so it should work for them….

One more time, Nailed Coil produces a really interesting CD. This is maybe not really innovative but at least it's really efficient and in the style no doubt that the band from Finland will have one day the level to compete with the leaders of the genre. Have a look on this demo if you can but pray with me too, to have a real album soon.

Written by Jeff | 03.01.2006


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