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Band: Britny Fox
Album: Britny Fox
Release date: August 1988

01. Girlschool
02. Long Way To Love
03. Kick 'N' Fight
04. Save The Weak
05. Fun In Texas
06. Rock Revolution
07. Don't Hide
08. Gudbuy T'Jane [Slade cover]
09. In America
10. Hold On
11. Long Way To Love [single version] [reissue bonus]
12. Livin' On The Edge [b-side] [reissue bonus]

Britny Fox were one of those bands that appeared with discography during the second half of the 80s playing, what else but, glam/sleaze hard rock and they managed to become a well-known and really promising name for the scene. Their debut album, "Britny Fox", came out during 1988 and it was a really good option for the tribe of all the dirty rockers with its sleazy air and glam aesthetic and this is the album for which I'm going to talk about, for now.

Ten seems to be the golden number of glam metal! Why? It seems that almost every release from bands of the scene consists of ten compositions and Britny Fox are no exception to the rule and their self-titled debut album offers ten compositions of dirty rock n' roll the hard way! The album prepares the listener of what to expect from the very first seconds of it. Even the title of the first song is the most appropriate for a band like Britny Fox and the name of it is "Girlschool". You hear female students talking, walking, laughing etc at the halls of the school and the bell rings to go at the class, instead of that Britny Fox conceal all tranquility with their dirty tunes and the girlie scream sets the bring-your-daughter-to-the-slaughter plan on the flow.

So now you know what to expect, dirty and non-compromising hard rock with the guitar riffing being really groovy and sleazy, ending to inspired guitar solos that make the overall feeling more rolling and upbeat escalating the songs. The guitars paint the soundscape with dirty n' bright colors as you expected, without forgetting the more emotional side of music with songs like "Save The Weak" that won't disappoint the emotional side of the hard rock scene for sure. The vocals are really brilliant, resembling at times Tom Keifer's accent a bit when they sound more, let's say, husky, without copying though. The vocals vary from clean to more dirty/husky, but either way they sound well-interpreted and well-placed in the compositions making the whole feeling more intense. As for the rhythm section you really know what to expect, not something extremely special, but for sure well-executed so as to strengthen the groove that the guitars evoke and keep up the uplifting tempo flowing.

Highlights of the album? Of course I shouldn't skip mentioning the deeply groovy and rock n' roll attitude of "Rock Revolution" ( I guess the title says it all!), the emotional "Save The Weak", "Girlschool" for the reasons I mentioned on the second paragraph and for the fact that it is a really great and dynamic song, the glam punk rock air of the fabulous "Gudbuy T'Jane" (the passage when the vocals enter reminds dangerously of The Ramones' "Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You"), the ultra groovy and danceable "Long Way To Love" etc to name a few!

If you are a glam rocker I will say only three words to you: Buy or Die!

"Looong waaay, long way to loooooooooooooooooooooove! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"


Written on 08.01.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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14.04.2009 - 13:50
You mentioned most of the highlights (Long Way To Love being one of the best songs of the genre) but in all honesty, this album is pretty bland and sometimes outright horrible as on Save The Weak.

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