Vrykolakas - Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstone review

Band: Vrykolakas
Album: Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstone
Release date: 2004

01. The Battle Of Badr
02. The Lazha Awaits
03. Dark Eternal Flames
04. Soulless Flesh, Fleshless Soul
05. The Burial Of Sadum
06. Bombardment From The Brimstone Squadron
07. Zabaniah Nemesis Of Jahim
08. Ushered By The Talkin
09. In Filthy Vomits
10. Bured With Munkar Nakir
11. Desecrating The Ancient Ones

South East Asia studied

Let's take a trip through the South Asia Metal scene, the road less traveled by metalheads worldwide, but why? Why people focus on the European scene and leave behind Asia? Let me tell you why, because there's not much acts worth your time there. From what I've heard the scene is mostly brutal, underground stuff. But really, which act has achieved star status from the Asia scene? I can think of some good bands, but they're so few…

So, I picked this up, to confirm once and for all, what's the deal with the South East Asia scene, Singapore to be more exact, knowing only the talented band Rudra from that country I was expecting a great deal from this one.

So, this went into the Cd tray and I began listening. After a whole spin I was quite tired of the same over and over again, I wanted to listen other thing, but I believe in second chances. After a couple more of spins, the old School Death Metal of Vrykolakas (which is a Greek Mythological monster) failed to convince me.

The band is not all sheer brutality, at times you can detect a technical approach, although the sound lacks depth. The vocals are low grunts (undecipherable, of course) and the production is quite weird, the drums sound hollow and the guitar riffs sound quite fuzzy.
The lack of more leads and solos is a major flaw in the songwriting.

When you listen this album you can't avoid thinking of Incantation and Grave. Maybe if they start brewing some ideas instead of trying to imitate their favorite bands…
Originality! That's missing on the Asia scene! I really hope to find something worth while there before I lose my hope on that particular section of the globe. Until that, let's head to the European scene, where the good stuff is still happening.

Written by Undercraft | 23.02.2006


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