Goryptic - Promo 2005 review

Band: Goryptic
Album: Promo 2005
Release date: November 2005

01. Stacking Stillborn
02. Malformed Pig Fetus

Although they claim that the band was formed in September 2005, Goryptic are not exactly newcomers in the French extreme metal soundscape. In fact, they are nothing but the spawn of the other extreme band Heresy. Since this name was a bit too common, they chose a new one and decided to start a new career from scratch. This promo cd is their first official release under their new name. Only two songs are proposed here for altogether 6 minutes of music.

Goryptic kick ass. They play technical brutal death metal inspired by the US and Canadian bands. It doesn't sound all too personal, but it is certainly efficient. The tempo is mainly fast, with astounding drumming and bass playing, though they don't hesitate to place a few slower breaks sometimes. There's some very decent riffing on this album, they even manage to throw a slight groove into the mix and to stick a few catchy chords in your brain.

The vocals are pretty great as well, Damien the singer alternates between the usual growls and more high-pitched, pig-like screams in the vein of Benighted or Prostitute Disfigurement. The production is excellent for such a release and that undoubtedly adds a lot to the impression of power and mastery that emanates from these two songs.

Yes, this is a band that knows its subject and does it well enough to make me crave for a full-length. Yes, six minutes of such high-standard death metal is far too short. While waiting for something more substantial, extreme metal fans must know that the two tracks off this promo are entirely downloadable on their website. Give it a try and get blasted.

Written by Deadsoulman | 26.02.2006


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