Burialmound - Devil's Work [Re-Release] review

Band: Burialmound
Album: Devil's Work [Re-Release]
Release date: 2006

01. C
02. Holders Of Power
03. At Golgotha I Masturbate
04. Todenslut
05. From Promised Land (Reeks Shit)
06. Primevil Disciple
07. Calliphoridae
08. Sisters Of Sodomy
09. Vision Of Darkness, Hate And Destruction
10. Legion (Intro)
11. Black Death
12. Devilspawn
13. Black Goat Of The woods
14. Dust Of Necropolis
15. Funeral Night And The Immortal Evil
16. Hellbounded Infernal Ones
17. Elohim
18. Beast Among Us
19. Hunger Crawls Under Surface

What do we have here? Well a new release of Death Metal that comes from Finland. And yes that's right, this is not a new release of Power or "Gothic" Metal that come from this country this time so it's a bit refreshing. On the other side, if this release isn't so bad in general, this is also really classic so don't expect something really new.

This is not new, but hey if you're just looking for some Death Metal with a lot of good riffs, you should have a look on this release. Actually, "Devil's Work" just suffers of a big classicism, understand that the band isn't doing anything new here. But on the other hand their strong Death with a lot of technical riffs isn't so bad. I won't say that we're in front of a great original band, but let me tell you that our guys now how to play Death, and if it will be hard to be surprised by this release, at least I'm sure that the one who like Death will find some interest on this release.

In general, the songs are fast with real blasts that comes from the brutal rhythms made by the drummer, it's a bit linear that's right and we don't have a lot of difference between the tracks but it's just Death Metal, and since that the guitarists, bassist and singer are good musicians, the result is ok. I don't know what to say actually, I'm not addicted by this release, for me, who like technical Death (I'm not talking about Melodic Death) it's just a bit simplistic and no so catchy, but I'm sure that someone who like "basic" (don't read that like a pejorative word) will probably find interesting stuff in this "Devil's Work". Though, if you add that the production is really good, yes it's probably something ok for the fans.

Well well, "Devil's Work" is for the fans of Death Metal actually. For someone who doesn't only listen to this kind of music, it will be different and probably a bit average. But well if you like such music, at least have a look on it, some songs will probably be for you.

Written by Jeff | 17.04.2006


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