Katatonia - Saw You Drown review


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Band: Katatonia
Album: Saw You Drown
Release date: January 1998

01. Saw You Drown
02. Nerve
03. Quiet World
04. Scarlet Heavens

The release of this four song EP is to prepare people for the third Katatonia album, Discouraged Ones, as it features two songs that are to be included on the album, as well as two rare tracks that will not.

The most important information concerning this era of the band is the fact that Jonas Renkse has now resumed full time singing in the band after being relegated to the cleanly sung parts of their previous Brave Murder Day release while Opeth mainman Mikael Akerfeldt handled the harsh vox. This means that all vocals are now clean, and the growling is now a thing of the past. "Saw You Drown" and "Nerve" are the two tracks that are to be featured on the forthcoming album, and both are positive answers to questions surrounding the band's future sound. "Quiet World" is exclusive to this EP and I dare say that this is the most melancholic song yet to emerge from this band who have made such expressions its forte. Featuring a very mellow approach, the song portrays a similar feeling, as does "Day" from Brave Murder Day. Isolation. Solitude. Disenchantment with life. Truly despondent vocals from Jonas and breathtaking atmospheres created by the guitar work of Nystrom and Norrman, this is fragile, delicate beauty embraced by the deepest melancholy. "Scarlet Heavens" is an older song from, I believe, a split with Primordial back in '94 or '95. This is also similar to "Day" in feel and approach.

Ten minutes of pure goth/darkwave complete with tranquil yet foreboding atmospheres. This was limited to just 1500 copies and has long since been out of print. For those who missed out, acquiring this may be a bit difficult, but believe me, it's worth whatever you have to go through to get it for "Quiet World" alone.

Written by Allen | 18.09.2003


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