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Katatonia - Teargas review


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Band: Katatonia
Album: Teargas
Release date: February 2001

01. Teargas
02. Sulfur
03. March 4

In the tradition of 1997's Sounds Of Decay and 1998's Saw You Drown, Teargas is a limited edition three song EP featuring the title track, which will also be included on the band's much anticipated fifth album, Last Fair Deal Gone Down, as well as two songs that are exclusive to this EP, "Sulfur" and "March 4".

The title track is quite possibly one of the best songs Katatonia has written, featuring all the aspects of their sound we have come to expect while enhancing the intensity of the rhythm department (courtesy of a new bassist and drummer) and the impressive maturity and confidence in Jonas Renkse's vocals. "Sulfur" is my favorite of the two "exclusive only to this EP" songs. This track sounds as though it could have fit perfectly on to Discouraged Ones, complete with an emotional chorus and melancholic atmospheres created by the two guitarists. "March 4" is heavier and has a slight Tool feel due to the pounding percussion and Jonas's higher pitched singing, sounding like he may have taken influence from Maynard James Keenan this time around.

This is yet another must have EP for anyone who is a fan of this band's previous works and especially for those who are desperate for the new album's arrival. As evidenced by the title track, I have a feeling that the band's forthcoming album will be quite an experience.

Written by Allen | 18.09.2003


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