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Band: Tiamat
Album: The Church Of Tiamat
Release date: April 2006

01. Vote For Love
02. Children Of The Underworld
03. Cain
04. Brighter Than The sun
05. To Have And Have Not
06. Whatever That Hurts
07. I Am In Love With Myself
08. In A Dream
09. Wings Of Heaven
10. Cold Seed
11. Clovenhoof
12. As Long As You Are Mine
13. Love Is As Good As Soma
14. The Sleeping Beauty
15. Gaia

Bonus Videos
16. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell (Live at The Runan Club, Stockholm, April 1990)
17. Whatever That Hurts (Video)
18. Gaia (Video)
19. Undressed (Live in Germany, January 1995)
20. The Ar (Live in Germany, January 1995)
21. Alteration X 10 (Recording Session)
22. Cold Seed (Video)
23. Brighter Than The Sun (Video)
24. Vote For Love (Video)
25. Phantasma De Luxe (Live In Switzerland, March 2002)
26. Angel Holograms (Live In Switzerland, March 2002)
27. Cain (Video)
28. Do You Dream Of Me? (Animated Video)

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A year ago I was ecstatic when Tiamat announced that they will be releasing a DVD of one of their gigs. I was glad for the opportunity to see a performance of the band that I love. By the release date I became somewhat hesitant but knew I shouldn't be. I like almost every Tiamat album, with "Wildhoney" being favourite. Somehow I still had my doubts ordering the DVD, I don't know why.

However, I did order it and I don't regret it. More than 15 years of playing ever changing music has definitely helped them produce an enjoyable show with style and dignity without being flashy or cheesy. Maybe it's the glam image and cheesiness of some Gothic Metal bands that made me hesitant before buying. Ahh, stereotypes... It is known that many don't appreciate Tiamat for what it has become. It sure is a long way from krieg and kvlt Death/Black Metal to Gothic Rock. However, it's the stage performance that truly shows what the band is really worth, no matter what music they play.

Tiamat's gig is a mature performance. It's a combination of calm joy and great music. There's no mindless jumping around on the stage and there's no passionate headbanging. So what? It isn't necessary. But that doesn't mean the band is static. Tiamat is a perfect image of their music. Contentment, joy, and peace are what comes to mind while watching Tiamat on stage. The band is perfectly happy with their music and so is the Polish audience. They sing along with the songs from the latest albums, they cheer very happily over older songs. And even though the general pace of the show is dictated by songs from the latest albums, it is a selection from "Clouds" and "Wildhoney" that demonstrates the might and power of Tiamat.

I was pleasantly surprised by the arrangements of some of the songs. To be honest, I didn't really remember some songs having outstanding instrumental spots. But Fredrik Akesson did his best to play great flowing guitar solos that went well with the atmosphere. On the other hand, I'm still having a bit of a hard time accepting Johan Edlund's deep clean singing on tracks originating from older albums. He still does his peculiar raspy voice on those but it's far less than I remember from the albums. However, his genuine passionate efforts on "In a Dream" are impressive and clearly seen on his face. Honest expressions are a sign of a good performance for me.

I don't really understand why Poland's been such an attractive place to record live shows over the years but I can surely say they know how to film a good gig there. Tiamat's performance at Krzemionki TV Studio in Cracow is yet another proof of that. Excellent camera work, great shots, good alteration of shooting angles and superb sound is what Polish production is about. Executed in a dynamic and visually compelling way, a bright and colourful show of enjoyable music will take you on a trip to the world of Tiamat.

As I said, I had my doubts at first, but they vanished with the first song. The only regret that I have is that the gig is a bit short, just above 75 minutes. It could have been longer. But then again, would it have been as good? This performance seems exact to the minute and more could have been excessive. I'm not saying this DVD is the best I have. However, the content feeling I'm left with after watching it makes it a dear item to me, personally.


Written on 07.06.2006 by I shoot people.

Sometimes, I also write about it.

And one day I'm going to start a band. We're going to be playing pun-rock.


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16.06.2012 - 06:11
I am curious though, not knocking it by any means, but why was Fredik apart of Tiamat at this time?? this was filmed before Thomas had left the band afterall. just curious if there was a big reason.
I will not reason and compare, my business is to create.

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