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Band: Lacuna Coil
Album: Lacuna Coil
Release date: 1998

01. No Need To Explain
02. The Secret...
03. This Is My Dream
04. Soul Into Hades
05. Falling
06. Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)

If I had written this review in 1997, I would probably have risen up against the fact that this first 6-track EP is a real plagiarism of the atmospheric and gothic metal gods of this period, The Gathering, even before recognizing the quality of this release. Truly, Cristina Scabbia almost has the same voice as Anneke Van Giesbergen, the riffs are as heavy as the Dutch band's, you have the same depressed feelings when you hear them both... Now we are in 2003, the apprentice has outdone the master, so I can only say that it was a perfect introduction to the present great career of this Italian band. Everything was already there: the jewel voice of Cristina, the semi-screamed vocals a la Paradise Lost of Andrea Ferro, the metal riffs generally written by Marco Coti Zelati... Without of course forgetting the poetry of the lyrics.

The most representative song of what Lacuna Coil was going to become is the second track, "The secret...": an acoustic intro directly inspired from Metallica's "Call of Ktulu", soon drowned under a heavy repeating riff, then the vocals equally shared between Andrea and Cristina, a magic chorus, for in the end, a very good song. But this one is not the highlight of the album. This award goes to the acoustic "Falling": this song is simply perfect, as much for the music as for the vocals, on which Cristina surpasses herself. Everything here expresses the sadness, the sorrow, the pain you feel when someone you love passes away. This song has also been rearranged and released on their first full-length album, In a Reverie, but this first version remains in my opinion the best one. Add the instrumental closing track "Un fantasma tra noi" and you finally understand. You understand that even if there has been a strong progress to come to the masterpiece Comalies, the bases are here. The only thing that makes this EP not of the quality of the following albums is that our Italians manage, on only six tracks, to repeat themselves, the reason why "This is my dream" and "Soul into Hades" are not unpleasant to hear, but immediately forgotten.

Lacuna Coil represents a duty of memory, and in this sense, deserves to be known by every fan of this band.

Highlights: The Secret..., Falling

Written by Deadsoulman | 19.09.2003



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09.03.2008 - 07:02
Liver Failure
i disagree with the rate, for me this one deserves an 8.
well.. thats not my favorite type of music... but i found this album much better than ''comalies'' and ''in a reverie''... generally, the firsts albuns of most bands are the best ones. lacuna coil is an example

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09.03.2008 - 19:56
I do have to agree that it wasn't a very original release, yet it was the most original release ever released by Lacuna Coil, IMO.
It has something that the later albums lack, an atmosphere, something like that. For instance, I never liked "Falling Again" for the original "Falling" is so much more effective to me.
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
14.02.2012 - 23:37
I have to agree the music in particular was very much The Gathering all over, but i must disagree about the vocals. I do like Christina even if she hadn't fully developed her own style by that stage, but she comes nowhere near Anneke for quality, she has the most amazing vocals, the band also are nowhere near matched for quality.
a fair review, not a great release, In Reverie was an improvement, though still not great.
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