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Band: Eldritch
Album: Neighbourhell
Release date: 2006

01. Still Screaming
02. Save Me
03. Bless Me Now
04. The Dark Inside
05. More Than Marylin
06. Come To Life
07. Zero Man
08. Standing Still
09. Toil Of Mine
10. The Rain
11. My Second World
12. The Perfect Place [bonus]
13. From Out Of Nowhere [bonus] [Faith No More cover]
14. Save Me (Video Clip) [bonus]

"Neighbourhell" is already the sixth albums of the Italian combo Eldritch, and when I see the quality of this release I'm still wondering why this band is so underrated. This is extremely weird because I didn't hear a lot of things about them in the past even if all their others albums got good and positive comments. But well, as we say the wheel of fortune is turning every day and well let's hope that this time the band will get all the success that its deserves.

If you still don't know the music of the combo, you'll have to know that Eldritch plays a really aggressive Power Metal mixed with Thrash. At the end, Eldritch doesn't play something that fits perfectly with the European Power Metal trend, at the opposite I must even say that Eldritch is more into US Power Metal than anything else. So with the eleven songs you'll be able to find strong and powerful riff with fast rhythms and strong melodies. It's not so far of Thrash except that we cannot find any thrashy and hoarsy vocals and that it's Power above anything else, so it's really melodic. The voice of the singer, Terrence Holler, is clean and beautiful but can be heavy too, really its fits perfectly with the music of the band but also, all the instruments are super present and it's not so hard to listen to the bass for example.

The great thing with "Neighbourhell" is that all the songs are potential hits and I don't know how they managed to write this album but really, from the catchy and powerful "Still Screaming" to the thrashy "Save Me" or the ballad "Zero Man" everything is perfect and will probably please all the Metalheads. At the end, "Neighbourhell" is one these masterpieces that doesn't suffer of any real problems and that will never bored you since that all their songs are real "killers". Every time the riffs are loud and heavy, the melodies and choruses are catchy and the rhythmic doesn't lack of… rhythm… so really except if you're closed minded or cannot stand this kind of music I don't understand why you couldn't love this album.

"Neighbourhell" is a killer, and until today, this one of my favorite albums of the year 2006. The production is perfect, the songs and the musicians are great so believe me if you have nothing to do today and want to buy a great album of "Us" Power Metal, just run to your record dealer and buy this album. I'm sure that you will never regret it…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 23.06.2006



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23.06.2006 - 15:16
Account deleted
Good review of an awsome album, this is one of the best bands hailing from Italy and as some other great bands they don't seem to be able to get recognition. I'm glad to see this review here (Doomsword, Blood Thirsty Demons, Hyades or Adramelch should also be reviewd).
23.06.2006 - 18:37
,mmm... i guess this is something good to check
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23.06.2006 - 19:36
good review man, i think this is a good album. I should check it out
23.06.2006 - 19:45
Freaky Admin
You can believe VenoM_BM he is like the specialist of the style...

So if we both say that this album rocks...
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26.06.2006 - 18:18
Account deleted
It´s a good album, kind of thrash agressivity riffs, power melodies and heavy/power vocal. Isn´t so original like the review said, but have very good moments. "Come to Life" awake up devil

0/10 -> 7,5
27.06.2006 - 03:45
Account deleted
Neighbourhell is really good stuff. Sometimes it's too sweet I think, and I have little association with Sentenced style and that's not a compliment, but in the most part the music of Eldritch is sounds very, very good. I think that headbanging is absolutely possible here.
27.06.2006 - 16:52
Rosetta Stoned
Hmm, Eldritch - Istn't that the lastname of the guy in Sisters of Mercy?
But I guess I have to check it out. Does it sound like any other band?
And - the Faith No More song covered (the original) is great
19.11.2019 - 13:12
JoHn DoE
I am listening the album right now, after a really long time, forgot how good this is. I don't have the bonus tracks, i'm curious about that FNM cover.

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