Lullacry - Crucify My Heart review


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Band: Lullacry
Album: Crucify My Heart
Release date: 2003

01. Alright Tonight
02. Crucify My Heart
03. Don't Touch The Flame
04. Every Single Day
05. Pitch Black Emotions
06. Unchain
07. Nothing To Lose
08. Heart Of Darkness
09. This Time
10. Over Me
11. Better Days

Tanja? Tanya? Confused? That's understandable since the third release from Finnish rockers Lullacry provides us the first chance to sample the well-trained vocals of Tanja who replaces a previous vocalist by the same name with different spelling: Tanya. The transition of front women here is smooth as Lullacry offers a series of short, catchy, pop-metal veined tracks. However, don's be fooled - the entire album is firmly rooted in a loud n?heavy groove which definitely will appeal to the metal traditionalists. The interesting thing about this quintet is they manage to gain followers from fans of so many different metal genres. At first, I couldn's admit it, but finally I yielded - this band just has a knack for the addictive, anthem-like track. So, even the prog-metal snob in me had to give in and proclaim that Lullacry just flat-out rocks.

With the first track the band tells you metaphorically that they are gonna be alright despite the vocalist change. Tanja announces loud and clear that ?everything will be alright? & ?I promise you we?ll make it somehow?. I'm inclined to believe her. Following 'Alright Tonight', the soothing vocals of the title track blend beautifully into to the first single from the disc 'Don's Touch the Flame'. This was a good choice for the first release since the song practically begs you to sing along - all the while retaining a melodic and very heavy sound. The personal fave and forceful, blow-your-ears out 'Every Single Day' follows which is arguably the best guitar track here. Tanja sets you up quietly for 30 seconds before the metal onslaught ensues. The quirky guitar effects work perfectly in this track as well as in the latter 'Nothing to Lose'.

As the titles indicate, starting with 'Pitch Black Emotions' the disc takes a noticeable darker turn. Both 'Unchain' and 'Heart of Darkness' are songs of desperation and lamentation dealing with the difficult, trying emotions radiating from relationships. The gothic metal fans get their dose of medicine during this section of the disc. Somebody done you wrong? Lullacry's got your response with the line 'she world will be the same when you're gone? embedded in the blazing guitar work on 'This Time'.

Lullacry's web biography uses the classification ?gothic, atmospheric heavy rock? and I think that's accurate. Overall both vocals and guitars get a better than passing grade and Heavy lives up to his name. The percussion, while not stellar, is not a distraction. The bottom line is that this disc is very well done and deserves your listen. This is a more than adequate follow up to Be My God: go get it.

Written by ProgProf | 19.09.2003


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