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Band: Persuader
Album: When Eden Burns
Release date: May 2006

01. Twisted Eyes
02. Slaves Of Labour
03. Sending You Back
04. R.S Knights
05. The Return
06. When Eden Burns
07. Judas Immortal
08. Doomsday News
09. Zion
10. Enter Reality
11. Alight The Heavens [Japanese bonus]

Jens Carlsson and his mates are really productive. After a little break of some months after the release of the first album of Savage Circus, our guy is back with his original combo, Persuader. And as always, the band plays its really cool Power Metal in the vein of Blind Guardian without forgetting however some personal touches. For sure if you liked their first albums I'm sure that you'll like the new one, "When Eden Burns".

If you're a fan of the old Blind Guardian or simply don't like basic boring European Metal, you should have a look on the new Persuader (like on their old albums by the way). With their amazing singer, Jens Carlsson, this band is becoming bigger and bigger each days and that's probably not for nothing. The proof is that their new album "When Eden Burns" is without any doubt their best release. Full of great songs and good ideas this album is a really nice release of Power Metal. The riffs are "Thrashy" (we even have some little Death vocals on the chorus of "Slaves And Labour") and all the songs are always heavy and powerful. Even if it's melodic of course, the songs never lack of punch and we never fall into cheesy and laborious Power Metal. With Persuader you can be sure that you'll be able to listen to something "Metal" if you see what I mean.

On the other hand, even if all the members of Persuader do a perfect performance on "When Eden Burns", and even if the production of this new album is more than correct I must admit that the band didn't take a lot of risks with this new release. It's good and all really but it follows quietly the road that the band took with its first album. You can understand then that the band didn't release something really original with this new album but be sure that it works at least, and that it is just well realized.

Maybe that our Swedish dudes didn't take a lot of risks with this new album and maybe that it is a bit classic on a side that's right but for sure, one more time, they knew how to release an album full of good songs that will probably please all the ones who like great Power Metal. Plus, despite the similarities between the voice of Jens and Mr Hansi Kürsch nobody here can deny that he is just a great singer. "When Eden Burns" is a good album and now, I'm sure that the best will probably come for Persuader soon…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 03.07.2006



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03.07.2006 - 17:29
Another Admin Dude also highly recommends this album, especially if you're into BG
07.07.2006 - 11:52
Account deleted
This is a definite listener, maybe their best album yet,
31.07.2006 - 05:51
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
the best work of persuader! not only for BG fans or power metalheads, i recommend it for everyone and check the lyrics!
19.11.2006 - 04:53
Very good power, specially for those bored of the same power. At first listen, I didn't like it very much, but it's very good.
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30.11.2006 - 20:09
Good review, from now I will pay more attention to this band and I think this will be the next CD I will buy.
14.07.2017 - 04:47
Cyborg Raptor
This has got to be one of the most underrated Power metal albums (and band in general) out there.

Since they don't sing about fantasy elements and have complete lack of symphonics I think they just fly under the radar in the power metal scene. But if you're able to look past those genre " shortcomings" this album has it all: blisteringly heavy riffs, Face melting melodic leads/solos topped off with phenomenal vocals and engaging lyrics.

Definitely up there as one of my favorite power metal albums.
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