Manigance - Signe De Vie [Remasters 2003] review


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Band: Manigance
Album: Signe De Vie [Remasters 2003]
Release date: 2003

01. Sans Fard
02. Signe De Vie
03. Ligne Blanche
04. Rebelle
05. Aube Nouvelle
06. Rouge Comme La Peau
07. L'Ultime Seconde [acoustic bonus]
08. All The King's Horses [bonus]
09. Carry On The Flame [bonus]
10. Believer [bonus]

In April 1997 was released the first album of Manigance Signe De Vie. Formed by musicians coming from bands of Southwestern France [Killers, Jumper Lace, Crazy Hammer], Manigance, with this first production, has imposed itself as one of the biggest bands of the French Heavy scene. At the first listening you understand why the following album Ange Ou Demon is of such a good quality because Signe De Vie is in the same style. Maybe quality is a trademark of Manigance because a few bands have such a good production for their first cd. On a musical point of view here you find quality riffs, with catchy melodies that stick into your brain... For the lyrics, as on their second album, the topics [in French] don't deal with Knights or Mythology like almost all the bands of that style but only with the day-to-day life, a good thing in my opinion as the other two topics are overexploited in heavy metal... It is simply very good and it's not stunning to see the good reviews published in France, in Italy and in Germany.

This Remaster 2003 gives a lifting to the previous production and this way, the sound is almost perfect. More, we can notice in bonus an acoustic version of the wonderful song ?L?Ultime Seconde?, an unreleased track in English reserved for Japan, ?Believer?, and a cover of ?All The King's Horses ? Carry On A Flame? of the Canadian band Triumph.

To sum up, Signe De Vie: Remaster 2003 is an album that every heavy fan must have..

Written by Jeff | 20.09.2003


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