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Band: Amorphis
Album: Far From The Sun
Release date: May 2003

01. Day Of Your Beliefs
02. Planetary Misfortune
03. Evil Inside
04. Mourning Soil
05. Far From The Sun
06. Ethereal Solitude
07. Killing Goodness
08. God Of Deception
09. Higher Ground
10. Smithereens
11. Shining Turns To Grey [bonus]
12. Follow Me Into The Fire [bonus]
13. Darkrooms [bonus]
14. Dreams Of The Damned [bonus]
15. Far From The Sun [acoustic version] [bonus]

When this ever-changing ex-Death Metal outfit from the land of the thousand lakes released works like Tuonela and Am Universum some fans were disappointed, some others angry, and many just turned their backs on these guys. Well, in some degree I understand why the fans were disappointed, if you go from Death Metal to Hard Rock you're bound to lose some fans, but many failed to see that Amorphis may not be a Death Metal band, but it still manages to sound fresh and surprise many people [including me] when they release a new album.

So what does Amorphis has in stores for us this time? I would describe this like a mix Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with folk influences as always, call it "Folkish" Hard Rock if you want.

The album starts with ?The Day Of Your Beliefs? an excellent song, really killer opener, great folk arrangements, catchy chorus, as soon I heard this one, I remember that I thought to myself ?Hmmm, I'm here for a real treat with this CD?

The album continues and some songs impressed me, some others not. ?Evil Inside?, one of the singles of the album, and currently with a video on MTV, reminded me of some alternative song [Yes! Alternative, like Pearl Jam, Soul Asylum and stuff], I didn's like it at all, I would have preferred ?Day Of Your Beliefs? rotating on MTV.

Like I said, some songs really didn's catch my attention at all, but some others did, like ?Ethereal Solitude?. Great tunes, very 'relaxing? in a way, wait, that's it! That's the way I feel about this CD, it... relaxes me, and that's good, you can's go headbanging 24/7, poor neck!

?Killing Goodness? is the heaviest song in the album, and is a good one too! The guitar work in this one is great! And the keyboard molds perfectly with the music, I hope that this one is the next single, but I think that all depends in the success of ?Evil Inside?.

Anyway, I really had a good time listening this one, it's not your headbanging, heavyhitter, let's-torn-this-place-apart kind of album, is more like ?let's take a break of the heavy stuff for a while?, and who knows, maybe your non-metal friends will like this one too!

If you want some good tunes, with a relaxing feel to it, all wrapped up with a perfect production, get this one, if not, go break your neck with other stuff.

Written by Undercraft | 11.09.2003


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Now I for one am a big fan of Amorphis' work, as they are one of my favorite bands; albums such as Skyforger (my first Amorphis album), Am Universum, and Elegy have wowed me the first time I listened to them and are among my favorite albums ever made. However, this band was in a bit of an awkward position with the release of Far From The Sun nearly ten years ago, as they appeared not to be on top of their songwriting and performance skills this time around.

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28.09.2007 - 01:39
Advice Troll
Awful album that made me hate the band. One of the worst records I've ever heard.

No, Berzerker was the worst I've heard. These guys beat all in the "worst" category.

What is the cover supposed to be representing? A Mexican dude hiding under his hat, far from the sun? Come on, this sounds worst than failed pop/rock.
I'm glad the guy left the band cause his voice is not suitable for this band.
Bitch! Please
28.09.2007 - 21:52
Account deleted
The cover represents the Axe of Ukko, finnish equivalent to Tor's hammer.
20.10.2007 - 03:02
I R Serious Cat
I didin't like this album. And it was surprising, after the both amazing Tuonela and Am Universum, they come out with such a crappy album. Too bad 'cause I really liked Pasi Koskinen melodic voice.
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15.05.2008 - 20:05
The Summoner
I can definitely handle this album. If you are really into the Amorphis sound then I think the progression from the previous albums to this may be acceptable. If all you had heard is 'Lakes', 'Elegy' or the newie 'Silent Waters', then beware. I think though when Amorphis play rock music it still sounds somehow innately death metal.

I think it was a good thing Pasi left after this album and the band turns their direction back to something that is better for the original fans.

I still like this album for what it is. 8/10
04.10.2008 - 09:22
Account deleted
Why everybody hates this album it has a really prog rock feeling with some folk touches here and then and Pasis voice is not that bad.
12.11.2008 - 08:56
Account deleted
I think this album sucks. There ain't any good song on it. Music is only boring.
09.04.2009 - 21:42
Whati dont like on this album? it is not so "metal". it is rock... but i like the generall feeling and also 1-2 songs.. nice review!!!
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06.08.2009 - 13:54
I've always seen this albums as a weakness in their discography, never been able to appreciate it like the other albums the band has put out, its just boring and Pasi's vocals really started getting on my nerves, glad they kicked him and started a new direction.
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15.02.2010 - 03:50
Liver Failure
I dont know.. I listened to this one right after Am Universum.. and this one is infinitly worse.

The highlights of Undercraft were really the best ones (Ethereal Solitude is beautiful), but I cant explain how this album just bores me to death. Thats the low point of their discography to me as well.

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12.09.2017 - 22:27
Bad English
Sentenced turned away from DM and it was bets what band could do. I never can get how people can listen ONLY DM, but this band, ok I like JOutsen era sound, even I hated, but this and previous one is one big joke
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