Megadeth - Rude Awakening review


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Band: Megadeth
Album: Rude Awakening
Release date: April 2002

Disc I
01. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
02. Kill The King
03. Wake Up Dead
04. In My Darkest Hour
05. Angry Again
06. She-Wolf
07. Reckoning Day
08. Devil's Island
09. Train Of Consequences
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Burning Bridges
12. Hangar 18
13. Return To Hangar
14. Hook In Mouth

Disc II
01. Almost Honest
02. 1000 Times Goodbye
03. Mechanix
04. Tornado Of Souls
05. Ashes In Your Mouth
06. Sweating Bullets
07. Trust
08. Symphony Of Destruction
09. Peace Sells
10. Holy Wars

This one was long expected! Really the band's long career deserved a little summary, just to watch over the bad times [Rust In Peace!] and the bad ones [who said Risk?]. Rude Awakening was released with the hope of these magic moments of intense emotion that only the great live albums can bring. This hope has been disappointed, as we will see; let's not wait, because this time, the landing [or here the awakening] is really rude.

Of course we can go first with the positive things: the setlist follows a certain logic, with the result of very good links; for example, 'Symphony Of Destruction' is followed by the wonderful 'Peace Sells...'. We also enjoy the furious 'Angry Again' followed by 'She-Wolf', a powerful song with a guitar solo and then a drums solo, that ends as fireworks. Then, as good surprises, there are 'Hangar 18', 'Tornado Of Souls' and 'Ashes In Your Mouth', still astounding. The greatest satisfaction comes from the new guitarist Al Pitrelli. He shows that he really has the makings of a guitar-hero.

And yet, this live is far from perfection: some tracks could have been included in the album, like the apocalyptic 'Rust In Peace' or the Sex Pistols cover 'Anarchy In The UK'. I also regret the dark 'Foreclosure Of A Dream' that could have replaced some other tracks. Cause if some songs like 'Almost Honest' or 'Return To Hangar' are good, I only think that better choices could have been done. Dave Mustaine is also a great disappointment: his voice is not like before. We have always known that he has never been a wonderful singer, but he should have done better than that! He is often off the mark, for example on 'Tornado Of Souls', 'Reckoning Day' and 'Train Of Consequences'. I also regret the boring interpretation of 'A Tout Le Monde'. Finally, the most disappointing thing is undoubtedly the crappy sound of this album on the whole.

As a conclusion, say, I didn't think I would tell this one day, but maybe it's a good thing that Megadeth no longer exists. Let's remember their best, life continues! Megadeth is dead, long live Megadeth! Rest In Peace.

Written by Gorey | 22.09.2003


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