Tierra Santa - Mejor Morir En Pie review


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Band: Tierra Santa
Album: Mejor Morir En Pie
Release date: 2006

01. Mejor Morir En Pie
02. Un Grito En El Aire
03. Magia
04. La Impureza De La Amistad
05. Otelo
06. Si Tu Alma Has De Vender
07. Hoy Vivo Por Ti
08. Una Luz En La Oscuridad
09. La Tentación
10. Nunca Te Alejes De Mi
11. Himno De La Alegría

If Spain got Angeles Del Infierno and Bajon Rojo during the 80's, they also got a new wave of Heavy Metal bands during the 90's with Saratoga, Magö De Oz and of course Tierra Santa. "Mejor Morir En Pie" is already the 7th album of the formation but I have the feeling that the band is a bit lacking of inspiration nowadays…

The main problem of the new release of Tierra Santa is its important lack of punch. Except maybe two songs, ("Si Tu Alma Has De Vender" and "La Impureza De La Amistad") all the others ones doesn't especially lack of rhythm but well they lack of "punch" if you see what I mean. Or it's mid-tempo compositions, or it's just slow and really uncolored. Plus the majority of the songs are a bit mellow and if it's ok for one or two songs in a CD, it's quickly boring at the end. I cannot say that "Mejor Morir En Pie" is especially bad but there is just nothing special on this release, it's a bit deceiving.

I have also to complain about the production. It's not that the sound is not good, but the mixing is a bit strange. The voice of Angel is perfect and unfortunately in front of the music. At the end sometime it's easier to listen to him than the others instruments. It's not horrible but unfortunately unequal. And also, just have a look on the cover, it's simply terrible, Tierra Santa got better cover in the past…

"Mejor Morir En Pie" is a little deception. The too numerous mellow songs of the albums are extremely boring at the end. Also, the band didn't know, this time, how to put a real difference between each songs, and you'll probably regret the similarity between all the songs of the album. If you're a fan you can go with it, it's not the worst album ever, but if you want to discover this band, I really think that you should have a look on their live album "Las Mil Y Una Noches" or on the really good, "Sangre De Reyes".

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 28.08.2006



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30.08.2006 - 01:33
Account deleted
Mmm, dude, you should have just copy/paste the songs names, cuz u got some wrong. Well, doesn't surprise me, Tierra Santa have very similar songs on their albums, and what I always loved about the band was their "punch" so if this one doesn't have it, must be kinda worthless
And you are rigth, "Las Mil Y Una Noches" totally owns.
04.09.2006 - 11:57
That's the problem of Tierra Santa, they are a little boring and suffer a lack of originality and strenght.

But these are the words of someone that have never liked the band.
10.10.2006 - 21:52
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
Tierra Santa didi it Again!!!! They are one of the greates bands in Spain and it's sound in this Moriri en Pie is Amazing!!!!

I really enjoy Apocalipsisi, but This new Album is better in many ways, the real sound of this gauys is here!!!

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