Hematovore - Untitled review

Band: Hematovore
Album: Untitled
Release date: 2005

01. Witherspoon, Pt. 2
02. Blasting Through The Back Nine
03. Aracnophilia
04. Blue Darner
05. Blue Darner: Coda
06. Kamacuras And Spiega
07. One Unit, Whole Blood
08. Earwigs (Ewww!)

The first time I ever read the classic book called "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" I thought "WOW!" here you have a book that talks about how people can be really fucking evil, about how kids are overly cruel to each other and about how the monsters (Oompa-Loompas) are the ones trying to make the world a happy place. Anyway, Roald Dahl's work has always a weird antithesis about happiness and malice; this is exactly why I loved his book. Why Am I bringing this up? Well, I finally felt the same thing again, but now with a great CD bizarrely called "Untitled".

Hematovore is the responsible for bringing the malicious sarcasm in happiness; their music can be really intense and utterly violent at times, but the vibe never stops being quite "happy". The whole album is a grotesque example of what 5 inspired musicians can create with their minds and instruments; "Untitled" is one of the hardest rushes in the metal scene nowadays. Here you'll find layered structures, complex arrangements, shocking guitar-work (3 guitars performing marvelously), all kinds of feelings and one of the best concepts I've ever come across in my days as a reviewer.

The artwork is not "just a bonus", the layout is actually the best way to complete the whole perception of disdain and irony (you'll find duckies and roadkills for crying out loud). Now, as good as the concept is, the music explodes our brains even more than anything; the composition is almost flawless, each track has its own vibe and its own way to be great, thus compels the listener to stay until the very end of this record(talking about great songwriting).

Yes, it's very similar to some of the post-metal bands around; but Hematovore brings a better perspective towards their clichéd musical features such as dark atmospheres, droned riffs and sludgy sound. This band brings fresher characteristics to the table, it's not the most original work ever of course, and the brightness of the songs may perhaps be kind of frustrating for SOME, but if they keep releasing things like "Untitled" they'll become one of the greatest bands in the Post-Metal scene.

I highly recommend this album to everyone into Rock, Metal, Pop, Grunge, Alt, you mention it; the versatility of Hematovore makes it really easy on the ear and it will truthfully fit in any collection. So by now I'm not even sure if these guys are Oompa-Loompas trying to make the world a better, happier place, or if they are the little kids in the "boat-ride" hallucinating with the worst nightmares ever known to man…be as it may, their music is truly insane.

Best Tracks: "Kamacuras and Spiega", "Witherspoon, pt. 2", "Arachnophilia"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 03.09.2006



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04.09.2006 - 03:27
Baz Anderson
hahaha what a funny review with Charlie And The Chocolate Factory included
i listened to them tracks on your recommendation and i havent heard anything like it before
it was kinda weird - it felt insideout. haha

i dont think this is the sort of stuff i would rush out and buy, but it is certainly entertaining to listen to
20.10.2006 - 08:42
I recently re-heard this album...man it's seriously amazing.

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