The Disciples Of Zoldon - Unto Thine Darkness, Death Doth Deliver
17 July 2006

01. The Epoch In Which His Evil Reigns
02. Courante - Cello Suite No. 2 In Dm [Johann Sebastian Bach cover]
03. His Gaze Shall Wipe Away Their Smiles
04. With Justice Is His Judgment Administered
05. Emblazoned With A Z
06. The Destiny Of Your Fate
07. Unholiest Judge, What Woeful Wrath Hadst Thou
08. Upon The Astral Plane [Nobuo Uematsu cover]
09. Worship And Exaltation Is Due Only To The Dark Lord And Master Of All Things Metal

Well first of all, The Disciples Of Zoldon is, apparently and according to their official website, a satiric band mocking about the oh so mighty god of metal and some other things I didn't understand, while writing serious metal music…kind of weird don't you think? So anyway, here's the first "tangible" CD released by Luke Brimblecode, let's analyze this piece a little bit.

The album surprised me actually, to tell you the truth I wasn't expecting much after reading their website, turns out this guy has great songwriting skills and applies them nicely in this album. The musical structures are managed in a clever way so the album becomes "easy on the ear" and interesting somehow; there are a lot of layered scales in the songs, some of them come out of nowhere and end up sounding out of place actually (just check the third track for this matter). The whole album flows surprisingly well and keeps you interested to the very last minute; that is of course if I don't mention the opening track which almost made me press the skip button or the closure with one of the oddest most boring sequences I've heard in a while.

Musically this project is quite good, it has potential and it could grow bigger in time…but when it comes to arrangements, details and production this honestly sucks; the programming sounds like chopsticks hitting a snare drum, the midi sequences are cheesy, the bizarre (Darth Vader likewise) vocals are annoying instead of being funny and the whole audio is monstrously dry and muddy. These things are bearable in the first listen actually, but they sadly delete the "replayable" values of the CD.

I like the music, I like the ideas and I even like the artwork…but if the project keeps on sounding unpolished and raw it won't get really far. The good news is you can download the entire thing on their website , check it yourself and write your comments down.

Best Tracks: "Emblazoned With a Z"

Performance: 6
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 6

Band profile: The Disciples Of Zoldon
Album: Unto Thine Darkness, Death Doth Deliver


written by Herzebeth | 23.09.2006


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Arian Totalis - 08.02.2007 at 03:09  
I own this and it actually isn't that bad, if you don't understand something, it's supposed to be a satire about death metal; evil dark, elitist ideals. Zoldan is supposed to be the god of metal and he is waging a war on all things which are good and happy. Just look at the title of luke's first album. "The war on peace and happiness. Now I won't deny sometimes (Especially on the first track) It get's dry, but really, it's not to bad in my oppinion.
Enkaida - 08.02.2007 at 03:52  
Hey thanks Arian. I should say though that herzebeth's crticism is mostly true! There were some mistakes in that album, which is why it will never be as good as some of the other metal albums out there. But yes you are right, the humour is in the first album, and this one makes references that nobody will understand unless they heard the earlier stuff.

Anyway, I am working on a new one, which will be much faster and interesting, with much better production. I think Herzebeth will enjoy this one a lot more!
Arian Totalis - 08.02.2007 at 23:27  
Written by Guest on 08.02.2007 at 03:52

Anyway, I am working on a new one, which will be much faster and interesting, with much better production. I think Herzebeth will enjoy this one a lot more!

Yeah the Tech-Death Album, I will definitly be investing in that. (Sorry for the off topic)
Xtreme Jax - 09.02.2007 at 04:40  
Hmm, I posted here months ago, post disappeared

Anyway, whilst being critial of the album Herz does make a few good points. Example like you might need to listen to the discography in a row to full understand whats happening, though you can pick it up without doing so.

Musically I found it really good, alot of great ideas and overall the album keeps me interested. Cant wait for the next one Luke
Enkaida - 10.02.2007 at 05:54  
Well Herzebeth's comments about the sound are more or less spot on. We messed up the snare drum sound completely, and the guy helping me produce this album hated my drum programming so much that he just turned the drums way down in the mix. The result is that the guitars sound really loud and muddyish. The synth patterns are indeed really cheesy, sometimes this works and sometimes not. At any rate, I am saying that the next album will be more appealing to most people because it won't have these problems, and will be consistently fast paced.

However, as i've mentioned elsewhere, it won't be the 'new direction' for the project, just a once-off thing. I will do something completely different again, after that.
Doc Godin - 28.02.2007 at 02:54  
pretty good album, very good review, production values are not so great, but the music is really good and the performance is acceptable, my expectations are raised for his next album though.
4look4rd - 12.06.2007 at 21:03  
Think it deserver a better rating (like a 7.5) because the album itself is pretty good, the main problem is the drum machine which is horrible
iaberis - 29.08.2007 at 14:17  
Well, I can't say I enjoy this music... Sorry dude... But I loved the music video! I love to show it to my friends!

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