Vastator - Guía Para Odiar A Tu Prójimo, Antologia 1988-1998 review

Band: Vastator
Album: Guía Para Odiar A Tu Prójimo, Antologia 1988-1998
Release date: 1998

01. Black Mask
02. Las Joyas Del Cura
03. Sombras En La Catedral
04. En Las Frias Paredes Del Nicho
05. Inconsciencia Asesina
06. Lenta Sera Mi Venganza [re-release 2006 version]
07. Contium 7 [re-release 2006 version]
08. Maxima Entropia [re-release 2006 version]
09. El Legado De Los Dioses [re-release 2006 version]
10. Levantamuertos [bonus] [live] [re-release 2006 version]

Have you ever heard that saying "Don't judge a book for its cover"? Damn now I fully understand it. When I received this album and looked at the weird guy screaming on the cover and the song-titles like "Black Mask" and "Cathedral Shadows", I said to myself "great! Another deathy/doomy band with creepy artwork" but then I pushed play and my mouth broke into laughter…I was laughing at me actually.

Vastator is a Chilean Heavy Metal quartet with a couple of Power Metal approaches, how far from Death/Doom I was indeed. This band is apparently a cult in their homeland, to tell you the truth this is the first time I ever hear this name, but now I can see why they're worshiped by many; their music is intricate and really catchy, the structures have good manufacture and the songwriting makes you stay to the very end of this album (which is actually a compilation).

The band indicates many influences, you'll found connections with Judas Priest a little of Iron Maiden and a lot of Helloween; so you know what to expect now right? All in all this band does not sound like a carbon copy of those mentioned bands, on the contrary, Vastator manages to create and add a lot of fresh elements in their music to finally sound half-original and different to the older bands.

I liked this album all right; it's weird because I don't usually dig yelled lyrics about jewels or entropy, but Vastator hooked me with their catchy beats and their skills, so I recommend this album to everyone who founds old heavy metal to be interesting, you'll have 36 minutes of yells and all those things that characterize Heavy and Power metal.

Best Tracks: "Black Mask", "Las Joyas Del Cura", "Lenta Será Mi Venganza"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 6

Written by Herzebeth | 08.10.2006


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