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Band: Evergrace
Album: Evergrace
Release date: September 2006

01. The Escape
02. Life Has Just Begun
03. Enough Is Enough
04. Alive
05. Plastic Ideals
06. I Am You
07. Ulterior World
08. World Of Nothingness
09. I'm Sorry For You - Part I
10. I'm Sorry For You - Part II (Hold On)
11. The Masquerade [2007 re-release bonus]

Evergrace was formed in 2001 and they're now releasing their first official album "Evergrace" through the label Ulterium Records. Will they become a new reference or the sensation of the year 2006, I don't really think so but for sure there is something with this band especially if you like classy Melodic Metal. Why don't you have a look on this release then?

Between Tad Morose and Nocturnal Rites or even Dream Evil this new combo plays a nice dark Melodic Heavy Metal. The different songs don't lack of energy but this is also the strong melodies in the music that give all this aura to the release. "The Escape" for example with its strong dark riff and melodies is one of the most powerful and aggressive song of the album. Same thing with "Plastic Deal" with its strong and loud riff and its mid-tempo. At the opposite, "I'm With You", even if the riff still have overdrive sound, is slower and look a bit more like a (dark) ballad. As you can see, the album doesn't lack of variations, and plus, I have to say that this little depressive aspect for an Heavy Metal album is quite nice.

The production is good, the artworks were done by Mattias Norén so evidently we cannot say anything wrong about it. But the sound even if it's not bad could be a bit better because I think that it lacks a bit of power. Don't worry anyway, it's more than correct.

For a first album, "Evergrace" is a good try! I will not say that the band produced something outstandingly amazing but it's not so common to listen to this kind of music (even if I think that the band can add some others personal touches to their music) and the ten songs deserve to be listened. So if you like Melodic Metal from Sweden, try to keep somewhere in you mind the name of Evergrace.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 12.10.2006



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12.10.2006 - 10:26
Sounds nice, will try them
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13.10.2006 - 07:37
Uhhh...nice review....ok I guess I'll try their album with no high-hopes involved, your review made me curious man

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