Slayer - Haunting The Chapel review


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Band: Slayer
Album: Haunting The Chapel
Release date: April 1984

01. Chemical Warfare
02. Captor Of Sin
03. Haunting The Chapel
04. Aggressive Perfector [CD Re-release bonus]

Where should I start? This is the first EP that I ever bought and I can surely say that it was worth the $10 that I paid for it. The cover art isn't very unique at all by Slayer standards, but I do love the logo in white and red. It has a really evil look.

The production is amazing. The bass is more audible than in Show No Mercy and it gives the album more of a thick sound. I don't understand why this production wasn't used on Hell Awaits, and I can only dream of what Show No Mercy would have sounded like with such production.

Dave Lombardo has improved since Slayer's previous release and his drumming adds a lot to the music on this EP. The two guitarists have also become more technical since the last release and the song structures are now different. For example, at the start of Captor Of Sin there is a solo. How many Slayer songs have a solo at the start?

Chemical Warfare is indeed one of the best Slayer songs on this release, if not the best. It is really fast and I like the lyrics. The solos on this release are awesome and shredding, but there are one or two that are fairly weak (King's solo in Chemical Warfare for example).

The bonus track, Aggressive Perfector, is one of the earliest Slayer songs, but this version of the song is slow and the fast version found on Reign In Blood is a lot better.

If you like your early Slayer, then buy this. The lyrics are more intelligent than Show No Mercy, and the band pulls off a better performance, which is enhanced by the killer production job.

Overall, one of metal's best EP's.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 10

Written by spirit_inblack | 09.11.2006


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11.11.2006 - 00:52
The title track is also a damn good track.
One thing I never really understood was why chemical warfare wasn't included on Live Undead.
02.04.2007 - 04:04
Account deleted
Good review . It owns every other EP i've ever heard .
25.05.2007 - 00:32
I agree, one of metals best EPs, I especially like Captor Of Sin.
17.06.2007 - 01:48
This is actually my favorite Slayer album. Minute for minute, this album is truly excellent.
04.03.2008 - 13:21
Liver Failure
its very good.. though show no mercy was better, but this one is really nice, beside beeing just an 4 track's EP.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
05.07.2008 - 12:48
This is the first Slayer recording I ever bought. I was looking for harder more aggressive music at the time and kept seeing these little black and white ads in Hit Parader magazine. Slayer just looked like they kicked ass(back then with no internet you didn't have much to go on except looks of the band and album cover and I got burnt a few times lol). The cassette looked so generic the cover was white with the artwork on the middle, on the side was red letters: Slayer Haunting the Chapel Restless metal blade. I was BLOWN away!! Chemical Warfare was and is the shit. It only had three songs on it and I wanted more. Next day I bought "Live Undead" because they didn't have "Show no Mercy". Not long after "Hell Awaits" came out and thats another story. One of the best EP's ever alongside "Tragic Serenades" by Celtic Frost.
30.10.2008 - 23:33
Captor of sin!!!! listen to the great cover by at the gates!!!
31.10.2008 - 01:54
Written by theflyingmachine on 17.06.2007 at 01:48

Minute for minute, this album is truly excellent.

I just wish that there were more minutes
31.10.2008 - 18:02
I listened to about 5 Slayer albums in succession the other day and have to think that Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel, and Reign in Blood are their best. South of Heaven, Seasons of the Abyss, and Divine Intervention are great, but they aren't as raw as the albums prior. But I find Haunting the Chapel to be their is catchier and more coherent than Hell Awaits, and just a little more raw than Reign in Blood,
31.12.2009 - 21:10
I know those 4 songs wer good and all but were 4 songs really worth it? NOt that slayer is bad cuz thas my fav band but still
03.01.2014 - 20:39
This is awesome, and I prefer the "slower version" of Aggressive Perfector than the faster.
I'm derp.

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