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Band: Mysto Dysto
Album: The Rules Have Been Disturbed
Release date: February 1986

01. Power Of The Law
02. Confused
03. Tarantula
04. Atilla The Destructor
05. Full Speed To Hell
06. Indenter
07. One Night Stand
08. Visit Of The Vikings
09. Furies Child [bonus]
10. Demiurg [bonus]

The Dutch Metal Cult Series is a commendable initiative by Dutch label Rusty Cage Records. Rusty Cage have taken it upon them to re-release classic Dutch metal from the Eighties and adding bonus tracks to the original releases and re-mastering the material. I, for one, could do with re-releases of such little gems as Jewel's La Morta! and Defender's City Ad Mortis and the underrated Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc.'s Welcome To The Asylum amongst others. Well, luckily those three are among the first five releases, the other two being Mysto Dysto, and Hammerhawk. All five can be ordered together for 45 euro and separately for 10 euro each.

Mysto Dysto - The Rules Have Been Disturbed
Mysto Dysto is quite an unknown name within the speed/thrash realm, even in the Netherlands, but would later become better known as Mandator.
As Mysto Dysto two demos and one self-released full-length were let loose upon the world.
What I primarily remember Mysto Dysto for is for the title of their No Aids In Hell demo. Two tracks of that demo are featured on this re-release as bonus tracks.
Listening to The Rules Have Been Disturbed I realise I missed out on quite a spunky speed/thrash band. Their sound reminding me at times of Kill Em All era Metallica, some Fistful Of Metal Anthrax (especially in Full Speed To Hell) and a bit of Doomsday For The Deceiver Flotsam and Jetsam. However, The Rules Have Been Disturbed was released before Doomsday For The Deceiver, so if their was any influence of F&J in Mysto Dysto's sound it could only have been through demo tape trading.
This album is the only one in the Dutch Metal Cult Series that has not been re-mastered. I for one don't mind that at all. The original sound is nice and rough without becoming muddled and the guitars can easily be distinguished without any instrument being too loud in the mix. The only minor gripe I have are the vocals which sound very pinched although that fact also adds to the charm of this band. Talking about vocals… is that some growling I hear in Power Of The Law?
So, in conclusion, another re-release of Dutch metal worth getting. Hopefully, Rusty Cage Records will continue reissuing Dutch metal, and hopefully next time around also some death metal like Mourning, Sempiternal Deathreign, Burial.

Written by Marcel Hubregtse | 22.11.2006



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Bad English
A kick ass album I have to say, sad in 80's was no I net, so today such bands would have a better attention
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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