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Band: Incubus (US-CA)
Album: Light Grenades
Release date: November 2006

01. Quicksand
02. A Kiss To Send Us Off
03. Dig
04. Anna-Molly
05. Love Hurts
06. Light Grenades
07. Earth To Bella (Part I)
08. Oil And Water
09. Diamonds And Coal
10. Rogues
11. Paper Shoes
12. Pendulous Threads
13. Earth To Bella (Part II)

There should be no argument that California's Incubus at least started as a metal band (albeit rooted firmly in alt. metal territories occupied by Faith No More) and although they did have their brief stint as a commercially viable mainstream rock band, their music is still overall heavy enough to warrant a review here on Metal Storm. If the above is not incentive enough then the quality of Light Grenades should definitely be, since it is quite a successful development of the band's style and a respectable musical achievement in its own right.

Heaviness and aggression already returned to Incubus' repertoire on their previous effort, the quite excellent A Crow Left Of The Murder and it is still here to stay on Light Grenades. With this said, the album is still very varied and contains many surprises. Actually, therein also lies the only problem I have with this record - it seems to ape Faith No More (circa say Album Of The Year) up to a fault, with the second track even containing unmistakably Patton-esque vocals and refrains. Still, once we get over this small problem (after all, in other genres bands copy each other's styles all the time) we can truly appreciate the genius that Incubus definitely displays on this album. Besides, if "A Kiss To Send Us Off" were indeed a Faith No More song, it would be among that band's greatest hits…

Other highlights of Light Grenades include the blistering, almost thrashy title song and the passable r'n'b-meets-rock of "Dig". "Diamonds And Coal" will have you singing along with the excellent refrain and "Rogues" will startle you with its immediate aggression and funk finesse. By far my favorite track on the album is "Pendulous Threads" though since its shouted refrain is simply unavoidable and supremely catchy. The whole album is full of all kinds of hooks and impressive moments.

Incubus has definitely grown since their first album. They are definitely one of the most interesting bands of the current mainstream rock scene and this album is highly recommended to anyone who calls themselves a fan of Faith No More, alternative and funk metal, or just good music in general.


Written on 06.12.2006 by With Metal Storm since 2002, jupitreas has been subjecting the masses to his reviews for quite a while now. He lives in Warsaw, Poland, where he does his best to avoid prosecution for being so cool.


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06.12.2006 - 01:23
Aw, why not one of the death/thrashers or the NWOBHM Incubus...

What's one of their most metal songs, something off the first album?
Trying to dl the "almost thrash" now but as with all new popular title tracks, it's kind of a bitch...
deaththrashdeath/doom/prog ‡ Hail Zoldon!

he's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays
09.12.2006 - 19:26
I'll seriously have to check this thing out, I'm a big fan of their music...I lost track since Morning View though
12.01.2007 - 21:49
Account deleted
Syk, check out the songs "Vitamin" and "Certain Shade of Green" from the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. I don't know about thrash, but it's a far cry from their recent albums.
If you like those songs, I highly suggest buying the entire album, you won't regret it.
19.01.2007 - 04:51
Right, got 'em and they don't change my mind Thanks again for replying.
deaththrashdeath/doom/prog ‡ Hail Zoldon!

he's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays
05.03.2007 - 12:06
ha! never realised that someone would review an incubus album here!!! very pleasantly surprised i must say!!!! well done! and its not a bad review either... i agree with most things you wrote, especially maybe about the best song of the album ("Pendulous Threads"). i believe that incubus is heavy enough and most importantly good enough to be on metal storm generally. every single album they do is somewhat different that their previous one and this one ("Light Grenades") is certainly very interesting. i enjoy listening to it a lot. a very good release from a band that is quite mainstream...but then again everything comes down to the music.....and musically they are very good!!
but one didnt rate it!!!

i would like to write a review on it myself but maybe 2 reviews are a bit too much...but i can rate it!!!

performance: 10
songwriting: 9
originality: 9
production: 9
overall impression: 9

i know i rated it quite high but just the fact that they are quite successful and they make such a good album makes me want to give them a really good mark!
alive in the superunknown
30.07.2009 - 18:15
I was very surprised that only their last album has a review here in metal storm, their earlier releases suits much more the definition as "metal", although that a good album too. It would be nice if someone will write a reviews for "a crow left to a murder" and "make yourself". "Make yourself" should get at least 8.5, and not 7.2 like it's rated now...
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