Trivium - The Crusade
10 October 2006

01. Ignition
02. Detonation
03. Entrance Of The Conflagration
04. Anthem (We Are The Fire)
05. Unrepentant
06. And Sadness Will Sear
07. Becoming The Dragon
08. To The Rats
09. This World Can't Tear Us Apart
10. Tread The Floods
11. Contempt Breeds Contamination
12. The Rising
13. The Crusade

Trivium baffles me. As much as I thought their original style was not particularly interesting to begin with, it is extremely strange for any band to simply throw their old sound out of the window in favor of something else. Yes, this is very strange indeed and yet this is precisely what the guys from Trivium did. To make matters even more complicated, the new Trivium sound is basically old-school thrash (with some heavy metal elements here and there), rooted especially firmly in bands such as Metallica and Testament. The hero worship here is at such a level that we are almost dealing with a tribute album. How does all of this pay off quality wise?

Well, here comes the part that baffles me. I simply don't know what to say about an album like The Crusade. As much as the thrash over here is quite passable, I just can't get over how uniquely unoriginal it is. Call it the Trivium touch or whatever, but once again the band has made an album that is largely unlistenable to me. Don't get me wrong, songs like "Entrance of the Conflagration" or "To The Rats" are actually quite exquisite thrash, with memorable song-writing, sharp rhythms and good riffs; however, the ghost of James Hetfield and co. leers ever so closely all the time behind all this decent music. Even the vocals are an un-mistakable rip-off. Of course, I still think this is an improvement over Trivium's previous formulaic and cliché-laden metalcore-ish sound. Still, it would have been much better if the band concentrated their efforts on a more original result.

In a world where context doesn't exist and solely on its own merits, The Crusade is a good and often great thrash album. Unfortunately, context is something that I just cannot ignore and so overall this album is a disappointment for me.

Band profile: Trivium
Album: The Crusade


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frewq - 22.07.2010 at 04:49  
¡Excelent Album!
Moose - 28.09.2010 at 07:05  
Sweet album! A lot better than people say.
jimmy - 06.01.2011 at 14:56  
Love this album. i hate hearing the complaints about it all the time. for years people were complaining that they wanted thrash that was more like old school metallica, megadeth and testament. well now they have it and they bitch that it sounds like old school metallica, megadeth, and testament. wtf? make up your minds already!!! either you like the SOUND or you dont, but dont rag on the album because it reminds you of something else. it's trus that the influences are there. you can clearly hear bits of metallica, testament, and even armored saint in there, but that in no way makes this a bad album, or a bad band.
simply put, this is a great 80's thrash (sounding) album and a lot of fun to listen to. it's certainly better than anything that metallica has released since 1992.
LucasCollins93 - 09.01.2011 at 22:20  
To me, This albums sounds nothing like Metallica. It sounds like TRIVIUM. I don't hear any Hetfield in Heafy's voice, it sounds like Heafy. Lars Ulrich only wishes he could drum like that. Kirk Hammett couldn't even play like that in his dreams. Of course it sounds thrashy, but just because a band has thrash influence doesn't mean that they sound like Metallica. A few of the songs on The Crusade have a Metallica flavor but only a couple parts resemble them. Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica, but Trivium is much better and far more creative. I'm really growing tired of people whining like babies and complaining that this album sounds just like Metallica. I respect your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I just don't hear the Metallica sound that you described.
Lit. - 09.09.2012 at 18:35  
Written by Jaeryd on 08.09.2012 at 21:48

You want a crappy rip off of old thrash metal bands? Go for Havok.

Boxcar Willy - 27.11.2012 at 05:00  
Written by Thedude117 on 27.11.2012 at 04:48

Anyone who says Trivium is unoriginal and boring should go listen to Shogun.

Not to be a total douchebag, but this isn't Shogun.

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