Golem - Death Never Dies review


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Band: Golem
Album: Death Never Dies
Release date: 2002

01. ...From Beyond
02. Death Never Dies
03. Your Deepest Fear
04. Here Comes The Dark
05. Something To Remind
06. The Last Goddess
07. Against The Sky

Scandinavia does not have the monopoly on melodic death metal anymore. Golem comes from Italy and claims [screams] for the crown, as the most relevant band rising off the masses of newcomers in that style [Skyfire, Mors Principium Est]. Even if 'Death Never Dies' is only a demo (their second one at this time), Golem shows a real talent in writing and playing songs that instantaneously shik in the mind, thanks especially to the perfection of the production: the sound is clean and powerful.

So, all right, this album sounds like Children Of Bodom. But today which new melodic death metal band is not inspired by the great ancients [In Flames, Dark Tranquillity]? This is almost an obligation and this is not particularly a problem if it is well done with a touch of originality. And further more (I am going to receive insulting emails), I find the work of Golem much more interesting than COB's 'Hate Crew Deathtroll', partly because their music is more aggressive, more direct, like a punch in your face, without all the guitaristic masturbation you can find in Laiho and co. In other words, Golem sounds less 'poser'. And the singer's voice is less boring than Alexi Laiho's.

But let's not have a fixation on COB, because this is not the only influence, even it is the most obvious [the backing vocals, the keyboards parts, even some songs could have been 'Follow The Reaper']. Actually the violence of this demo reminds of The Crown whereas the melodies and the overall atmosphere can make think of Dark Tranquillity's 'The Gallery'. Another example, 'The Last Goddess' is the copy of 'Only For The Weak' and 'Episode 666' of In Flames, and this is definitely the best song of the album.

Despite all these similarities, 'Death Never Dies' is not far from reaching the perfect rating for it is probably the best Gothenburg melodic death album I've heard since 'Crowned in Terror'. My only regret is the short duration (only 7 songs for 27 minutes) of this demo, but if their next full-length album has at least the same quality, Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity and co. can start digging their graves.

Written by Deadsoulman | 05.10.2003


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