Slit - Ode To Silence review

Band: Slit
Album: Ode To Silence
Release date: 2006

01. Final Stance
02. Of Serpents
03. Down The Gut
04. Ode To SIlence
05. Omerta
06. White Shot Gun
07. La Mano Nera
08. The Bleeding Rose Of Fate
09. To Blood And Vendetta
10. Catharsis
11. Il-Halfa

Slit comes from Malta and can be considered like the perfect mix between modern Thrash a la Meshuggah and Hardcore a la Hatebreed. Even if it can sound like some Metalcore stuff, Slit is different, a lot more "disturbed", not so easy and commercial and extremely technical. I really think that all the ones who like "modern Metal" and all the new forms of Metal that we can listen today, should try the last album of the band, "Ode To Silence", because I'm sure that they should be nicely surprised.

Slit is angry, their music is fast and brutal, on a side it's a bit like a modern Death, with Thrashy spirit and yes a bit of Metalcore "catchy" riffs. But it's not so easy, it's not commercial and without "lovely" chorus which will stay in your head, no, the music of Slit is like a hammer which will crush your head. Even if the songs are in addition, complex and technical (that the principal difference with basic American Metalcore) it doesn't mean that it's impossible to listen to the album or to remember its songs. No, Slit is just different and it's easy to find its own touches in this Modern Metal music.

The production is really good, and the groovy aspect of the songs mixed with this fast Metalcore touches and this Death Metal side combined with some technical Thrash is really cool. The singer, who is more like a screamer actually, gives all his anger to put some more power to the music of the band. At the end, it works and this second album simply proves that we can do modern Metal, without doing basic "popular" and commercial Metal.

Slit will never become a popular band like Unearth and all these American bands, but do we really care? I don't think so and do you know what? Well, simply because they chose to do something pure and personal, not a pale copy of some albums which are more simple business and money releases than anything else. It's maybe not so easy of access but it's tiptop quality so if you pretend to like Metal core and the so called modern Metal bands, have a look on this release, we're just in front of something different but something good.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 07.02.2007



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04.07.2007 - 17:24
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Slit have posted their video for the track "La Mano Nera" at YouTube here. This song comes off the group's "Ode to Silence" album.

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