The Kovenant - Animatronic review


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Band: The Kovenant
Album: Animatronic
Release date: November 1999

01. Mirrors Paradise
02. New World Order
03. Mannequin
04. Sindrom
05. Jihad
06. The Human Abstract
07. Prophecies Of Fire
08. In The Name Of The Future
09. Spaceman [Babylon Zoo cover]
10. The Birth Of Tragedy
11. New World Order [Remix by Matt Sinner] [Japanese bonus]

After hearing the first two tracks of "Animatronic", I have to check the inlay again for a mistaken CD in the case, since this new record doesn't sound like Covenant. Oh no, it's The Kovenant, formed out of the ashes of Covenant, after the previous guitar player decided to quit. But it's not just the change of bandname that's important. The radical change of sound isn't always bad (Nexus Polaris/Animatronic is way better than Master of Puppets/Reload...), but just had me shocked for about half an hour. The new sound features an awful lot of industrial influences, and despite the lack of a second guitar, this album rocks!

You black metalheads who expected to hear a new "In Times Before The Light" could better stop reading at this point. As a matter of fact, if you never heard of Ministry before, you'd better stop. The definite satanic sound is really well combined with the way Von Blomberg's dropped his bassdrums, and the wonderful Rammstein-guitar tuning by Psy Coma is really, well, refreshing. Whilst "Nexus Polaris" was cold and direct, "Animatronic" is the better industrial record, mixing keyboards, direct bass and a beautiful woman's voice. Such a wonderful combination of instruments can't develop in something you wouldn't like.

Written by Angel | 29.09.2003


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18.09.2006 - 23:33
Account deleted
This Music is nothing extrodinary but is definatly worth a place in your album collection. Well assuming your musical tastes are versitile enough.
27.04.2008 - 17:07
I love this ALBUM!!!! Especially Mirrors Paradise ROCKS!!!! Although this album is not a 10/10, I think that now in 2008 many bands where influenced by this style. It was released in 1999 but it sounds like NEW!!
27.04.2008 - 18:34
Mirrors Paradise and The Birth of Tragedy, imo, are the only good song on this album.
06.11.2009 - 12:00
Liver Failure
You black metalheads who expected to hear a new "In Times Before The Light" could better stop reading at this point.

''At this point'' is the middle of you two paragrapher review

It is pretty enjoyable album, althou songs like ''New World Order'' and ''Mannequin'' usually get on my nerves. In S.E.T.I they did a much better work.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
13.03.2011 - 20:13
Account deleted
This was one of my first metal albums and it's awesome. It sounds deliciously evil and wonderfully menacing. Yeah, that's some crappy compliments right there, but what can I do? The Kovenant are probably the only band that I am OK with preaching to me occasionally, because their lyrics are just so damn cool. Probably my favourite industrial metal album ever, I could never again enjoy Rammstein after hearing this.
07.04.2015 - 18:19
Deathstars looke like straight followers but this music doesn't appeal to me

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