Nahemah - The Second Philosophy review


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Band: Nahemah
Album: The Second Philosophy
Release date: 2007

01. Siamese
02. Killing My Architect
03. Nothing
04. Like A Butterfly In A Storm
05. Change
06. Labyrinthine Straight Ways
07. Subterranean Airports
08. Phoenix
09. Today Sunshine Ain't The Same
10. The Speech

I did some research about this band myself; turns out they used to play some kind of Symphonic Black Metal with some harsh overtones. I find those facts really hard to believe as "The Second Philosophy" shows everything but a Black Metal band; this is way more complex than the aforementioned genre, it's more irregular, more distinguished, more melodic and to sum things up a little bit…way better.

This album can be stored as "Metalcore" without people complaining about the tag, the magic thing is that it could also be stored as "Prog-Rock", "Melodeath" and some other genres popping in my mind right now. Nahemah blends many genres in their music to create a very fascinating product accompanied by small tastes of "Jazz", "Blues" and who knows what else. In the end, it works; "The Second Philosophy" is a preposterously amazing album which drags the listener into a very intense and shivering underworld of unforgettable musical experiences.

It develops into all kind of shades as well; "Phoenix" shows what we could catalog as an "Alternative Metal" band while "Siamese" melts the speakers with its loud and atrocious riffs, and the whole album has this very same scheme. Most of the tracks work with a "Metalcore" structure lined towards a very melodious path, though the general structure is totally irregular (as I mentioned already) the overall essence comes "spiced" with "Metalcore" all over the place…similar to what Burst did with "Origo".

So that's it, it's a very good album; made persistently for "Metalcore" lovers and other curious "Avant-Garde" fanatics. You're warned, this is a very melodious album, so if you're even slightly into those genres don't hesitate to buy this album as soon as possible as it will rip your backbone right off you.

Best Tracks: "Siamese", "Today Sunshine Ain't The Same", "Like A Butterfly In A Storm"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 19.02.2007



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19.02.2007 - 09:55
Great review man

Though I wouldn't say it is so "metalcore". I do find similarities in the approach with Burst for example, but otherwise I'd say it's more like early The Provenance or even Opeth than to metalcore. Anyway, I love the way they integrate some odd atmospheric/jazzy elements in their music.

Excellent and very surprising album
27.02.2007 - 06:59
Account deleted
The comparison to metalcore is an utterly bad one, Nahemah isn't metalcore by any stretch of the imagination. As with Collin I'd be much more likely to compare Nahemah to the likes of bands like Opeth and Dark Tranquillity (Who if you did a bit more research, you'd find Nahemah have tried to model themselves after) than to any band in metalcore. So contrary to what the review says, if you think metalcore sucks, buy this album anyway. It's a fucking melodeath masterpiece.

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