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Band: Dreamland
Album: Eye For An Eye
Website: http://www.dream-land.nu
Release date: January 2007

01. Eye For An Eye
02. Carousel Of Pain
03. Reverse Deny
04. Secret Signs
05. Chosen Ones
06. Spread Your Wings
07. Shadows Of The Night
08. Heavenly Designed
09. Children Of Tomorrow
10. Forever And Ever
11. Revolution In Paradise

I remember that I wrote last year the review of the re-edition of "Future's Calling", the first album of Dreamland which was firstly released in 2005. This album was a good album of Heavy / Power Metal a bit in the vein of Edguy and even if it wasn't outstanding, I have to confess that it was really nice to listen to it. Now that the band found a deal with Dockyard 1, they're back with a new album, "Eye For An Eye", which is unfortunately not a nice confirmation.

What a mistake! When "Future's Calling" was clearly oriented toward the Heavy Metal direction, Dreamland had the bad idea to take the Power Metal direction for this release an really that's a bit sad. Of course this is not a radical change that we have here, "Eye For An Eye" is still a mix of Heavy and Power but this time the Power Metal influences are bigger and honestly it's not a good thing for me. The songs are weaker and lack a bit of inspiration this time. Dreamland was a good band of Heavy, now they're an average one of Power… Of course not everything is bad on this new release, some songs like "Eye For An Eye" or "Chosen Ones" are real catchy ones and yes, they're not so bad but all in all it's not so surprising and a bit deceiving at the end, especially when you know the first release.

What can I add? "Eye For An Eye" is not an horrible album, Joacim Lundberg is still a really good singer and it's easy to see that the band has all the possibilities to do something great but this time they simply lack of inspiration. It's sad, because the production is great and some songs sound good but well it's a bit weak and I'm afraid that you'll forget this release after some days. We will have to wait their third album to see if they're lost for ever or not…

If you really want to listen to Power Metal, of course "Eye For An Eye" is not the worst album of the year. As I said we have good tracks on this release but yes it's a bit deceiving because I was clearly expecting something better from this band. Time will tell if they're able to return to their first musical inspirations which were clearly better than their new ones.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 09.03.2007



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14.03.2007 - 22:39
Valentin B
didn't listen to the album, but i know these guys played hammerfall songs at the "threshold" release parties in sweden, so i suppose they sound a bit like hammerfall.
Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil.
30.03.2007 - 21:09
The three tracks availible on their site are quite good...not something ground-breaking, but still good

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
28.04.2008 - 22:31
Oh come on, this album is very good. Well, it's all a matter of taste but I would rate this album much higher than 6.2!

01.09.2019 - 01:54
Mountain King
K i K o
I don't get the general hate and definition created for the genre Power Metal. In the first album they also played power metal. What does the shift to a more power metal sound (assuming it's true) have to do with the album's lower quality and rating? That's such nonesense. Good music is good, mediocre music is mediocre be it whatever genre it is. Statistically, many of the famous bands with many fans on metal storm and elsewhere are power metal bands. Trust me it takes exceptional creativity and musicianship to create a nice melody, harmonies, singing those high notes etc... I Can't name or think of many recent good pure "heavy metal" bands. Even they a lot of times add symphonic/power/doom/prog/thrash elements to keep their sound up to date.

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