Bathtub Shitter - Shitter At Salzgitter (Live In Germany 2004) review

Band: Bathtub Shitter
Album: Shitter At Salzgitter (Live In Germany 2004)
Release date: 2006

01. Holy Song For You
02. Wall Of World Is Words
03. M.A.D.S. (Mentality Against The Delicious Shits)
04. Bathtub Shitter
05. Escapism To Refresh
06. Fireworks
07. Everybody Has The Wet
08. Fuck Hip Raper
09. Asu
10. I Cha Ko, No Cho Co!
11. Storm Of Stress [Terrorizer cover]
12. Shit Fly

I can't believe how underrated this band is, they really play Grindcore in a very sadistic way, total destruction and hostility comes everytime I play one of their albums; I'm saying this maybe because I became a fan over the years (I've been receiving their stuff to review for a while now) or maybe because I receive tons of crappy Grindcore albums every fucking week and receiving a high-quality CD with impressive music makes me drool while I'm head-banging.

Bathtub Shitter is a Japanese band with a really interesting career (they have more than 15 releases in the form of Full-Lengths, MCD's and Compilations), after their succesful "Dance Hall Grind" record in 2006 they decided to release their first live album ever; the album was recorded in Germany in the year 2004, the sound quality is actually outstanding, you can expect fuzzy noises and weird production from a live album (even more from a Grindcore band) but not this time at all, on the contrary, "Shitter At Salzgitter" sounds incredibly clean and you can perfectly distinguish each and every instrument there.

I'm angry at something though, this live album is only 30 minutes long; when I opened the package and saw "Live In Germany 2004" on the cover, my mind instantly began to visualize at least an entire hour of moshing and air-guitaring, but then I saw 31:01 on my stereo and I couldn't help to feel quite annoyed actually, I thought "damn it!! Well at least they added the lyrics"...yeah, resignation at its best.

I'll be waiting for a new Live album from these Japanese sickos for sure, I just hope they add tracks from "Dance Hall Grind" and I seriously expect them to make it at least to one hour...or else!

Best Tracks: The whole album is quite amusing.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 22.03.2007



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22.03.2007 - 23:49
I have their last two albums so I doubt I'll be picking this one up. You're right though - they are very underrated.

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