Seraphim - The Soul That Never Dies review


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Band: Seraphim
Album: The Soul That Never Dies
Release date: 2002

01. Prelude
02. Love Hate
03. Emptiness
04. Immortal Silence
05. The Soul That Never Dies
06. Samsara
07. Mind's Sky
08. Forever
09. Canticle
10. Light Of The Setting Sun
11. Majestic Farewell

Seraphim are a Gothic metal Band hailing from Taiwan, since this is my first encounter with a Metal Band from Taiwan, I gave my full attention to this album, so, let's begin.

First the first, and a very important thing [at least for me]: the looks. I must say that Cd looks great, the cover art is really awesome, a maiden holding a cross in one hand and the other is her chest, next to her heart. The band logo is also a great work of art. This is the kind of Cd that you want to buy even if you don's know squat about the band. The booklet is great too. 10 points for presentation to Seraphim.

I mentioned that Seraphim were a gothic metal act, but is also worth mentioning that they have some black metal influences, and some melo-death too.

The music is easy to describe, is mainly technical symphonic power metal with some trashy riffs, and some black metal vox. The rest of the singing is delivered by an operatic female singer , that reminds me of Tarja Turunen. If I could draw a comparison line, I say that Seraphim lies between Edenbridge and Children Of Bodom.

The music itself isn's bad, but I lacks a few elements, and has some weak spots. First, the black metal voice could need some work, it sound like the vocalist is barking or something like that! Also, the female vocals sometime sounds too forced, and some aggression in those could be good too.

The album has some great moments, among my favorites are 'Emptiness', this song has great melodies, and is by far the best of the album! Also worth mentioning is 'Immortal Silence', 'Samsara' and 'The Soul That Never Dies'.

Despite some minor flaws, Seraphim shows real talent here, and this Cd deserves a try. I strongly recommend a check out.

Written by Undercraft | 04.10.2003


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