Seraphim - The Equal Spirit review


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Band: Seraphim
Album: The Equal Spirit
Release date: 2003

01. Deep
02. Think This World
03. The Pride Of Twilight
04. Song Of Death
05. My Heart Is Dying
06. Vanishing Destruction
07. Last Memory
08. Song Of Farewell
09. Occupied
10. To Leave
11. The Equal Spirit
12. Finale

I have in my hands the latest release of Seraphim, a gothic metal band hailing from Taiwan. I?ve listened [and reviewed] their prior work The Soul That Never Dies and it was a pleasant surprise to discover a talented band from a distant country such as Taiwan.

This one is entitled The Equal Spirit , and as their previous one, the presentation is flawless, really nice cover art and excellent booklet design 10 points again for presentation!

One thing I must point is that the evolution of the band in this album is awesome! First of all, the black metal influences are almost gone, there are some grunts, but not as much as their prior Cd, and on top of that the grunts/shrieks have really improved! No more undecipherable barking!

The music itself has turned more Power metal, the riffs and the keyboard use are typical heavy metal/power metal style! And let me tell you that it fits the music perfectly. From the opener 'Deep' you know that things are different this time around!

I really like this album, the variety in the compositions is incredible, some songs are true heavy metal from the 80's 'Last Memory', some are majestic power metal ala Stratovarius 'Vanishing Destruction', and some are gothic metal masterpieces, alternating perfectly the operatic female vocals with the death vocals 'Song Of Death', and don's forget the epic closer of the album 'The Equal Spirit' an almost 10 minute song that will blow your brains out!

This Cd is long, clocking almost 75 minutes! But trust me, is very enjoyable. So, if you like, operatic female vocals ala Nightwish, speedy riffs [and great guitar work in general], flawless production and presentation and some black metal influences, get this one right now! You won's regret it!

Written by Undercraft | 04.10.2003


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