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Goryptic - From Blast To Collapse review


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Band: Goryptic
Album: From Blast To Collapse
Release date: 2007

01. Stupid Spoiled Whores
02. Circle Pit
03. Malformed Pig Fetus
04. Ill Treated
05. Visceral Hate
06. Internal Conflict
07. Stacking Stillborn
08. Eight Shitty Hours & A Happy Slaughter
09. Bloody Ophiuchus
10. Condemned To The Stake
11. Malformed Pig Fetus [Remix version]

The French extreme metal scene grew enormously in the past few years, bands like Benighted and…well, Benighted showed a different stage for their country, their Death Metal was so brutal that many people had to puke alter the first listen yet their songwriting was so complex and so technical that people into Progressive had to give them a chance and listened to their entire album…2007 is the year of Goryptic!

"From Blast To Collapse" is a very intense display of power, its brutal approach becomes so crushing that inmediately detonates the speakers while their melodic paces make this a very digestible meal. The band plays what is usually known as Technical Brutal Death Metal, you know that genre that Suffocation created? They use all kind of elements for you to notice them, the whole album comes packed with almost everything from intense blast-beats to catchy mid-paced riffs, these french guys even sat down and said "meh! I want to experiment a little, let's add a splatter-techno track at the end" and they get away with it actually.

It sounds like their ears used to hear bands like Avulsed a lot, their songwriting enters with more o less the same formula but develops into a more technical scheme, that's fortunate! But while their riffs and structures sound quite aggressive and intensely catchy, they also sound insanely "under the influence…" and I don't mean drugs you see? It's the same molecular formula that many Death Metal bands use. The final result is quite cool though, so no harm done.

This album is their debut, so if we analyse it that way it's actually a very good record; in other stances the battle against the big names is quite hard, I'm not saying Goryptic doesn't stand a chance, but people will rather buy something with a bigger name (yeah people suck!) instead o fan underground release. I can only recommend Death Metallers to give this piece a try, it's a very interesting listen.

Best Tracks: "Malformed Pig Fetus (Zardonic Remix)", "Circle Pit"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 26.04.2007



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26.04.2007 - 10:20
Wow Goryptic! I reviewed their (excellent) demo here two years ago I think. I think we even got one track in the independent section of the MS compilation you know? I quite like this band, so I'm going to check this album out asap. Nice review man
26.04.2007 - 11:28
Der Meister
Account deleted
Talking about the MS Compilation, I'm starting to loose faith in the promise of it's comeback! I mean, when did the last issue come out? It was like a goddamned year ago!

Yeah, and this band sounds pretty cool, mainly because Benighted was mentioned, I'm a huge fan of theirs!
27.04.2007 - 08:21
Since you mentioned Benighted, I had to check this out...and I'm glad I did. You're right about Avulsed; I see some similarities in the riffs.

lol I especially enjoyed the vocalist's pathetic excuse for a pig squeel on the song, Circle Pit.
13.06.2007 - 22:24
This album is very fine. I just don't like the drums. First, their sound is horrible IMO and I find they are too repetitive. Otherwise, good DM album, in the vein of the demo

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