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Band: Aria
Album: Герой Асфальта
Release date: 1987

01. На Службе Силы Зла
02. Герой Асфальта
03. Мёртвая Зона
04. 1100
05. Улица Роз
06. Баллада О Древнерусском Воине

Not too well-known in the west, Aria is enjoying only a shade of popularity outside of their homeland. They have often been called "Russian Iron Maiden" for their quite similar yet distinctive style. In the last few years, as the world becomes smaller, things hopefully start to change and generally the music is much easier to obtain. Heroy Asfalta (Hero of the Asphalt) was their first release which came into my hands, still remaining about the best.

The album opens quite surprisingly with Napoletan song "Santa Lucia" turning into red alert sirens and bombs followed by the few strong thrash riffs...WOW! It was my first impression, expecting something completely different, which more or less followed through the rest of the song. Very diverse, this relatively long song should impress every heavy metal head like it did it to me... Hearth is beating stronger, waiting for the title track. Classic heavy rolling riffs with some double guitar play combined with perfectly arranged bass and drums characterize this and the following two heavy metal classics. Every one has got its specialties and each is original on it's own way.

"Ulica Roz" is simply perfect song. I was goose-fleshed already when the bass entered after five seconds. As the song is developing more into the bridge and chorus excitement grows into the heavens. Heart breaking double solo crowns this brilliance. I could simply listen over this song for hundred times... In my opinion, the best song on the album! The album ends with a ballad, very specific one. It's much heavier than standard ballads, double guitar gives melodic sound to some pieces, changing with vocal and classic heavy pieces. Very interesting.

I can't actually believe I liked this album at first glance, as such things mostly turn out to be boring and unoriginal. With "Heroy Asfalta" it's just the opposite - after fifty listens it still gets better and better - I would say BRILLIANT. Only bad thing is after less than 40 minutes it's over, so you can't enjoy anymore! Maybe I like it so much because it was my first touch with the band, but whatever, one shouldn't miss to have this album at home!

So I'll give 9,9 only because there is no pure 10 anywhere in the real world

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 8

Written by heavy_hr | 29.05.2007


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Many Westerners refer to Aria as "the Russian Iron Maiden" - either in honor of their patriarchal relationship to the Russian metal scene, or as a derisive commentary on their stylistic similarities. While the Maiden influence cannot be discounted, this latter usage unfairly marginalizes one of the brightest stars in the entire Eastern European metal scene. Aria have demonstrated countless times their songwriting prowess and accomplished musicianship, but perhaps no album better represents this pillar of Iron Curtain metal than 1987's Герой Асфальта.

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11.05.2008 - 11:37
Seeker of Truth
Great review. I agree on every point made. Aria got me into metal along with Metallica, so I love every song of theirs. And this is album, despite its shortness, still rocks. It's the classic. Hey, heavy_he, do you know some Russian? Do understand the lyrics?
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01.09.2008 - 23:28
Account deleted
Ariya is the best heavy band,at least in my opinion!They are as good as all other "great" bands.HEIL ARIA FROM REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA!!!
26.07.2015 - 18:06
Bad English
It Is Russian Iron Maiden and wont be popular outside ex USSR even now less and less, in non Slavic lands there since new kids don't speak Russian, and also it wa spoöular in Poland, Cz, Svk, maybe Yugo
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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