Boris - Pink review


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Band: Boris
Album: Pink
Release date: November 2005

01. Farewell
02. Pink
03. Woman On The Screen
04. Nothing Special
05. Blackout
06. Electric
07. Pseudo-Bread
08. Afterburner
09. Six, Three Times
10. My Machine
11. Just Abandoned My-Self

Ever-prolific and ever-changing Japanese power trio Boris has established as one of the top acts from Japan, their eclectic style has gained them a solid reputation among fans, musicians and critics alike for their ability to switch between musical genres each album (and they release at least a couple albums per year).

While Boris is most associated with the Drone Metal scene, their albums explore other genres such as Post-Rock, Noise, Stoner Rock, Ambient, Sludge, Psych among other straight-forward rock styles.

While "Pink" dwells mostly in the Stoner Rock terrain, they do offer some variety here. Opener track, "Farewell" is a Post-Rock song while "Pink" and the awesome "Woman On The Screen" are Stoner Rock tunes, 100% groovy!
The guitar plays a major role in the music; songs like "Nothing Special" have a raw, heavily distorted sound, while "Blackout" uses intense droning.

This is one of those albums that can't be fully digested unless you have tasted all the songs, you can't possibly begin to understand this album listening to just one song. Boris are already experts in moving between genres with such ease and straightforwardness without losing their own touch.

You might hate me after this review because if you dig Boris and want to listen all of their albums, you're going to find yourself investing a hefty amount of money searching and buying their hundreds of full-lenghts, Reissues, Singles, Collaborations, Splits, Lp's and Dvd's (and they just keep releasing more!).

In a nutshell, "Pink" is a fantastic, experimental album from a band that isn't afraid to explore outside the concept of the band, and in my books, that's quite ambitious and luckily for us, it works. A must-listen album.

Written by Undercraft | 30.05.2007



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30.05.2007 - 06:11
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
This is one of my favorite albums from 2006. Boris is a band all Metalheads should check out at least once. Especially this album, Pink. Also, Alter, which Boris did with Sun O))).
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31.05.2007 - 06:59
Wood Troll
Greeat review, and very accurate. Great album too!
"A witty saying proves nothing."
01.12.2008 - 06:11
One of the worst Boris albums. Yes, it's their most accesible, and it's good, but when you look at their other work, it's just so much better.
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