Tarot - Suffer Our Pleasures review


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Band: Tarot
Album: Suffer Our Pleasures
Release date: May 2003

01. I Rule
02. Pyre Of Gods
03. Rider Of The Last Day
04. Follow The Blind
05. Undead Son
06. Of Time And Dust
07. From The Void
08. Convulsions
09. From The Shadows
10. Painless

Tarot is one of the oldest Heavy Metal bands from Finland, and they have many releases under the sleeve, but sadly enough many of them passed unnoticed to the eyes of many Metalheads, but with the support of Spinefarm they're hoping to change that. It's also worth mentioning that the singer, bassist and founder of Tarot is Marco Hietala, of Nightwish fame.

So, what we have here is straight-in-your-face Heavy Metal, with a lot influences from the NWOBHM, everything is here, and the best of it's expositors, a hint of Judas priest, a little of Rainbow, a dash of Dio, and we have ourselves a nice recipe of Tarot!

But what really impressed me about this album was the vocals of Marco Hietala, there are truly something, really aggressive sounding. It really levels up the whole experience. From the opener track 'I Rule' [nice title!] you know that this guy is going to tear apart his vocal chords just to please you! Other stand-out tracks are the killer 'Pyre Of The Gods', 'Follow The Blind' and 'From The Shadows' [this one have a really funny cowboy-like intro]

I?ve been listening this album for a while now, and I think that the main difference between Tarot and other heavy Metal acts is that Tarot don's want happy riffs and joyful choruses, they want to be aggressive, and this gives the music a darker edge, call it Dark Heavy Metal if you want, it wouldn's be the first time that a whole new genre has been invented to name the particular style of a band, this is a good album, nice listen, I?ll recommend it to fans of traditional Heavy Metal only, I know there's a lot of you out there! If you are into more harder stuff, like me, just go straight and don's even look at this one.

Written by Undercraft | 17.10.2003



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01.07.2007 - 10:00
Account deleted
I can't figure out why you scored it a 7. Your review made it sound like a 9 or higher.
22.11.2008 - 17:33
Fierce Deity
I would give it a 9 - 9,5. Simply amazing.

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