Inimical - Lambs To The Slaughter review


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Band: Inimical
Album: Lambs To The Slaughter
Release date: March 2007

01. Lambs to the Slaughter
02. Knife
03. Caught Within
04. Deathspawn

Danish death metallers Inimical formed the tail end of 2005 and here in 2007 present us with their second demo so far. This band are clearly prepared to do whatever it takes to get their music across to you metal masses, playing as many shows where they can, and backing up what they can do here on their second demo.

Four tracks of very listenable death metal with some thrash elements imbedded in there ensue and impress. They play a kind of death metal that isn't the most brutal and isn't the fastest in the world but it does have a good pace to it, and the music has a good groove to bang your head to. Sharp guitars, aggressive vocals and great drums make up the strong points of this CD, but prematurely after only fourteen minutes it is all over leaving the listener in an unfortunate quiet abyss.

It is a good, consistent CD that does what it sets out to do, and aren't any real negative points that can be raised about it other than this is just a pretty typical death metal demo from a young band. The song writing is not adventurous or particularly creative, there is nothing groundbreaking here at all, but of course this is only the band's second demo and their song writing capabilities as well as skills as musicians will increase as they write more songs and play more shows.

Nothing original or groundbreaking on this demo, but it does deliver a good, full metal experience for its duration. A band that you could keep an interested eye on for the future as they will hopefully continue to push forward and produce something a little more head-turning in the future.
The full demo is available for download on the band's official website at this location.


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31.08.2007 - 18:14
Ilham Cotterell
Account deleted
So.. here is the so-much-wanted review.. It is short. But I suppose because 14 mins are not enough to make your write pages about it... Especially if the CD is not orginal... I don't see what else you could say...
Since their demo is available for free download I will listen to it... Out of boredom.
I'll tell what I think of it, afterwards.

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