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Tuatha De Danann - Tuatha De Danann review


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Band: Tuatha De Danann
Album: Tuatha De Danann
Release date: 1999

01. Us
02. Tuatha De Danann
03. Beltane
04. The Bards Of Infinity
05. Queen Of The Witches
06. Faeryage
07. Oisin
08. Inrahma

Tuatha De Danann are a Folk Metal band hailing from Brazil, The music is mostly power metal with a lot of Celtic influences and both clear and death voices. WAIT!!! Did you read well? Celtic metal... from Brazil?? Yep. The last country I would expected a Celtic metal band [although Brazil is a neighbor country of mine].

You?ve ever noticed how every band create a new genre to describe their music? Like "Dark Atmospheric War Metal", or "Ancient Symphonic Dragon Metal" [those actually exist!!]. Anyway Tuatha De Danann describes themselves as "Medieval Magic Metal" a.k.a. Folk Metal. bah! great deal!

So, let's head to the music department shall we? This demo contains 4 songs from their Faeryage Demo Tape, and 4 new songs. Let's get this straight, I really like this album, I?ve grown to love it, but it's not for everyone, it has major problems, but we?ll get to that later.

So. I was saying, this band plays folk metal, for the one who doesn's know what is folk metal [shame on you!!] is manly power metal with folk elements of Celtic or medieval music. In this case we get to hear flutes, whistles, mandolins, violins etc, all mixed with clear and death voices, very cool if you ask me.

So is it recommendable? Hmm... no. and I have good reasons! First, the production is awful, the mix terrible, and the keyboards sound bad too... The vocalist has really a bad English pronunciation, [that doesn's bother me, because I'm from South America too]. Overall this is not a bad record, but why get this if you can get later works of the band, which are much better?

This one is only for fans who wish to see the humble starts of a great band. Killing Tracks: 'Beltane', 'Tuatha De Danann' , 'Faeryage'.

Written by Undercraft | 30.10.2003



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18.11.2009 - 20:49
Liver Failure
Dear lord! There IS a review for this album. The Demo from the shadows! Tuatha's demo.

Good review, althou a bit old by now. The rate is perfect, its a good album, but cannot be compared to their full-lenghts.

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