Nightmare - Silent Room review


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Band: Nightmare
Album: Silent Room
Release date: 2003

01. Chapter I (The Awakening)
    1 - Paranormal Magnitude
    2 - The Rise Of A Child
02. Chapter II (The Game)
    1 - Strange Connection
    2 - Travel In The Spheres Of Dreams
    3 - Shades In The Night
    4 - Silent Room
03. Chapter III (The Cure)
    1 - Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
    2 - A Piece Of Paradise
04. Chapter IV (The Decadence)
    1 - Virtual Freedom
    2 - Sniper In The Playground
    3 - The Death Toll
05. Chapter V (Epilogue)
    1 - Prisoner Of The System
    2 - Ship Of Fools [Vicious Rumors cover] [bonus]

"Silent Room" is the last album of one of the first Heavy Metal band from France. After their first album 1984's "Waiting For The Twilight", a split since 1987 to 1999 and their great return with "Cosmovision" in 2001, they confirm today with "Silent Room".

And yes this is a [big] confirmation. "Silent Room" is a real great surprise. This album... is just awesome. To begin I must explain that "Silent Room" is a concept album. The CD talks about the story of Kenny, a young boy of 14 years old, passionately fond of Video Games. Progressively you will see the decline of Kenny and the "virtual drama" of this story... [listen to the CD and you'll see...]

But now let' s talk about the music and the production. For the production, I will just tell just some names. Produced by Terje Refsnes, masterised at Finnvox by Mika Jussila... Well I think you understand what I mean... With this quality of work there is no problems. It" s just perfect... Nothing to say...

For the music, we have a real great quality of composition, all the tracks are good and different. Some of them are accompanied by a real opera chorus [like Therion] and that sound good!!! We got besides, good guitar riffs but the tempo of all the tracks are maybe sometimes too slow for me who used to listen music more speed and brutal, but really there is not a big problem, the proof is that more I listen "Silent Room" more I like it.

The musicians of Nightmare are also very good and the fantastic voice [and I really mean it] of Jo Amore is just perfect for that music style. A great singer is born [Jo was the drummer in the 80's]!

As a conclusion, I will just say one thing, Nightmare is back and it's not a joke! "Silent Room" is certainly one of the French album of the year and it' s sure all the real Heavy Metal lovers will be dazzle by this fantastic album. Don't wait anymore and just go to your records shop now!!! In one word : GREAT a MUST HAVE!!!

Written by Jeff | 11.03.2004


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