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Band: Dark Moor
Album: Dark Moor
Release date: November 2003

01. A Life For Revenge
02. Eternity
03. The Bane Of Daninsky (The Werewolf)
04. Philip, The Second
05. From Hell
06. Cyrano Of Bergerac
07. Overtune (Attila)
08. Wind Like Stroke (Attila)
09. Return For Love (Attila)
10. Amore Venio (Attila)
11. The Ghost Sword (Attila)
12. The Dark Moor

And then, all our questions will be answered, but the most important one, will ?Dark Moor? survive without Elisa C. Martin?
When Elisa, Albert Maroto and Jorge Saez left ?Dark Moor? and created ?Dreamaker? many wondered if ?Dark Moor? should survive, for it's no secret that Elisa's extremely special voice was one of the biggest factors that ?Dark Moor? have became so big that they are, and many was a bit worried before this release that ?Dark Moor? shouldn's make it anymore.
So, can's ?Dark Moor? make it then? Well, yeah they can, sure it's not that special anymore without Elisa, but Alfred got a special voice to, but not alike Elisa, but still, this is a great album.
The reasons why Elisa, Albert and Jorge left can you read in my review of their latest single, ?From Hell?.

This is ?Dark Moor's? fourth full-length album and I can say that it's not like any of the earlier albums, not only because it's not Elisa that sings but because it's a little heavier and somehow a bit Progressive (Not so much that it should be Progg/Power).
Sure it follows the spirit of the other three releases but this one have it's own sound, and it is really good too. And the Symphonic part is still there, and has developed.

And the single I was talking about, ?From Hell?, is a bit different from the rest of the album, in fact, it's very different. So if you didn's like the singel, check the album up anyway, maybe you will like it better.
A really great song on the album is the title song ?The Dark Moor?, it's a eight and a half minute long epic masterpiece, in fact one of the best ?Dark Moor? songs ever, unfortunately Alfred have so sing in a way that he not really can in this one, a typical way for ?Dark Moor?, he have to sing a lot of words very fast and sometimes you will not even hear what I tries to sing. (So it is on the whole record).
That sad that ?Dark Moor? writes that way, ?cause it could have been done on a much better way. But when Alfred got a chance the use his voice and not sing fast, he is a really great singer and a really good choice for a ?Dark Moor? singer.
I guess that they have been worked on this song for quite awhile, ?cause it contains all the previous album titles, these lines, below, is taken from the song.
?Who comes in the Hall of the Olden Dreams??
?Find the gate in Shadowland?
?Then I crossed the Gates of Oblivion?.
And that they are from Spain is quite easy to see because they have some problems with the English grammar.
But the more wonderful part in this song if the choir that sings, ?Dark Moor, Dark Moor, welcome to the Dark Moor?, it's really hard to not sing with them there. (And believe me, the dialect they are singing in is really cool).

There is some more tracks on this one that is really good, such as ?A Life for Revenge? that have a really good chorus, ?Philip the Second? and ?Cyrano of Bergerac?.
One negative thing though, the booklet, the songs don's lay in the right order that they are played on the album, that's very bad, and they shall have a minus there.

So, in the end I shall say, even if Elisa is gone, ?Dark Moor? lives on, no doubt about that, and maybe we should be lucky!? Now we have two bands in the same spirit, because in February 2004 ?Dreamaker? will release their debut.
And check this album up, if you are a ?Dark Moor? fan, it will not turn you down, if you give it a chance, because it's in the same ?Dark Moor? spirit, just a bit different.

Killing Songs: ?The Dark Moor?, ?A Life for Revenge?, Philip the Second? & ?Cyrano of Bergerac?. But all of the songs are good.

Written by Malcolm | 27.11.2003


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