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Band: Hurt
Album: Vol. II
Release date: September 2007

01. Summers Lost
02. Ten Ton Brick
03. Aftermath
04. Abuse Of SID
05. Alone With The Sea
06. Talking To God
07. Loded
08. Better
09. Assurance
10. On The Radio
11. Et Al
12. Thank You For Listening

Hurt are a mainstream Californian alternative hard rock/metal band signed to a major label, Capital Records. I am sure after reading that some people may close this window and carry on with their normal every day lives, assuming that because this, "Vol. II", has alternative tendencies it won't be for them. This assumption will actually be correctly concluded for a sizeable chunk of them people, but also there is a good chance that you may actually be pleasantly surprised by Hurt if you give them a go.

This is commercial rock, you cannot get away from that fact, but unlike the positive correlation between commercialism and cringeworthyness this album has its charms about it. Think Soil, think Disturbed and think Tool and put them all in a hard rock blender and the output will be something like Hurt. Opening track "Summers Lost" sounds a little too much like Tool, not much momentum is gained here until we reach the first single, "Ten Ton Brick". This track is the epitome of commercial American hard rock/metal; you can very easily imagine some professional wrestler entering the stadium with this track (I am unaware if it actually has been used for that purpose) as it has an infectious guitar hook and typical, angst-like vocals with that American hint of whine and self-pity. You can easily tap your foot along, it is a suitable single, but then the following track "Abuse Of SID" brings things back down to a slower tempo, and back to the Tool-esque suspense building and good, strong, varied vocal work.

Unfortunately anyone still feeling energised by "Ten Ton Brick" and wanting something more in this style, or someone who purchased the album after being roped in by the single may start to feel a little perplexed at this point as the album proceeds to unload slower, acoustic, more hard rock based songs. "Loaded" has a hint of aggression in it, but generally "Vol. II" is an album of these slower, more acoustic type songs. Hurt do pull this off reasonably well though, there is some degree of genuineness, some authenticity in the music but there are also some repetitive lyrics and some moments worthy of a cringe, "Talking To God" is a good example of both sides.

The album is not entirely monotonous, there is some variation in here but the band have a good talent for making their songs seem like they last longer then they actually do. Overall though this is a decent album if you want to feel some delights of commercial, American hard rock without so many of the usual drawbacks that similar bands may fall into having. It is fair to say that this album probably will not appeal so much to avid underground metallers, but this album does hold some bunches of credibility and so cannot be so easily dismissed as another Saliva, or similar bands. Just be aware of what you would be buying before reaching for your wallets.


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04.11.2007 - 02:22
Queen Of Hippies
Account deleted
So, to sum everything up, these guys play a more commercial (and fast, in two songs) version of Tool? Am I right? If so, I don't think it is really worth the trying.
04.11.2007 - 23:46
Probably not worth looking into but you gotta love that gorgeous album cover
28.03.2008 - 09:47
Account deleted
I want to defenestrate someone.

First thing: Soil, Disturbed, Tool? This guy needs to take a chainsaw to the ears.

Second thing: Mainstream Commercial band from California? This guy needs to take a chainsaw up the ass.

Third thing: He forgot to bash on "Aftermath", citing Abuse of SID as the song following TTB

Fourth thing: This guy obviously hasn't graduated the 5th grade. My 3 year old cousin could type better than him.

Fifth thing: This review is based 100% on the 'intensity' of the songs and not the lyrics or message. Intensity for him is how well he can continue banging his head into a cement wall. He's not going to loose too much IQ by continuing the head-banging.

Sixth thing: Spelled 'Loded' incorrectly. In his well written review he forgot to look at the back cover of the album.

Seventh thing: QUOTE: "the album is not entirely monotonous, there is some variation in here but the band have a good talent for making their songs seem like they last longer then they actually do" This guy made his good review last longer than it actually did. It stopped at "Hurt" in the first sentence.

Eighth thing: QUOTE: "usual drawbacks that similar bands may fall into having" There are no similar bands.

Ninth thing: QUOTE: "Just be aware of what you would be buying before reaching for your wallets" For him it's most likely his mother's wallet.

Summary: This review was written by a poorly educated, intellectually deprived, and sadly moronic individual who can only find music fitting to his lifestyle in blatant and more likely than not more mainstream bands than HURT (You can't really even begin to classify HURT as mainstream). Mainstream to me is mainly derived from the lyrics. Great, your heavy metal band sings about drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, rebellion, and being free. Wait in line with the other 3000+. You'll probably be able to get more sense out of this guy's unintelligible mumbling while in a catatonic state induced by a school bus than this review.

24.04.2008 - 12:51
Doom Metal Eliti
@Saback: Ok, since you commented and analysed baz anderssons review its only fair that I analyse and comment on your comment:

What I can see from your post (since Im really good at psychology and reading people) is that you really seem to be a poor and lonely person who probably got bullied in school and therefore turned to metal to find acceptance amongst another group of people. The reason I say this is because you have spent a LOT of your time (you probably dont have a life either) bashing this guys review. If there was ANY thought of constructive critisism then you would have sent a private email to the guy but instead you decide to post a cocky comment here so everyone can see and so you can show how tough and cool you are.

You even confirm all these things that I say with the very last words when you write "owned" , which is the only thing you were looking for by writing your comment. You have been owned all your life by so many other people that now you try to "own" someone yourself.

Im also not gonna say Im sorry for you, cause Im never sorry for an idiot person like you. If you are bullied and poor then just sit there at your home and be sad and depressed and lonely without talking to much shit too disturb us NORMAL people.

Now instead of thinking about a "smart" and "cocky" reply to all this, go and figure a way to blow your head away that would be a lot more fun for all of us here.
25.04.2008 - 05:01
@Azhidahak: You're 110% right. Btw, you forgot to write "pwned" at the end of your comment.

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